Cayde Lore/Assumptions

OK. So Cayde is a character that many of us (if not all) are familiar with. However, when it comes to his past, Cayde is very secretive about it, giving us only a few small hints. So, I will try to unravel some known facts with some of my assumptions.

First off, most of the info will come from Reddit and Destiny TTK: Collector’s Edition.

Let’s start with how he became an Exo. For those of you who have Cayde’s Treasure Island, this should be easy. Cayde (human) used to work for Clovis Bray exo-science on Mars.

He wasn’t the best at his job, and he messed up many times. However, one time he destroyed something valuable (I have no clue what it is since I don’t have the Collector’s Edition LOL). Anyway, he was sent to talk with Clovis Bray. Clovis Bray said he would forgive him [Cayde] if he did a small task for him.

This job, even though Cayde didn’t know it, would turn him into an Exo. There is a picture from Treasure Island showing a planet.

A lot of people debated in “Creation of the Exos” post about where this was. Here are a few thoughts:

As GhostDante says, I too suspect that the Exos are created on Europa. So, if the Exos were created on Europa, that means that Cayde became an Exo there. We know this because of his note:
“I gave everything to the ice. Started over.
So, the original Cayde (human) died on Europa as well?

But here we run into yet another problem. The Deep Stone Crypt is where Exos are given a conciousness. So did Cayde know what he was doing? How did he find the Deep Stone Crypt?

Here is information I have gathered on Cayde-6. I will update the post if I get anymore soon. So, what do you think?


In case it helps, the lore of Cayde up to date goes something like this:

*As a human, owes Clovis Bray large debt and more after destroying a station of his.
*Short time later, is offered a proposal which would forgive his debt - to become an Exo. Now whether or not he was injured in the destruction of the C.B. station is unknown but it could very well have been the reason he needed to become an Exo.
*He travels to Europa and becomes an Exo. Assigned to the Ishtar Collective on Venus.

From there everything else falls into minor lore bits and speculation. We know he was present during Six Fronts as evidenced by the D2 reveal, and some other minor hints in the AoT cards. Apart from that, we know nothing of him as you’ve noted. But yeah, Cayde pretty much died at Europa unless the Deep Stone crypt transferred his consciousness.

Ya. I forgot about that.