Ch.10 Epiales's Test

This is the chapter where Epiales proves his worth and place, will he chose the Light and show his power, or will he hide in the shadows and choose the Darkness? Find out now…

Bee: You ok? You…you don’t seem right.
Epiales: Im fine…let’s go, this place gives me the creeps.
Bee: Ok…Sure…Ships comin around now.
As Epiales ship comes around, he ponders what just occurred and should he tell someone? Get help? He thinks…and realizes…He’s scared.
Bee: Epiales! Ships here, c’mon.
Epiales: Huh? Oh, comin.
Epiales’s ship takes off in a blinding flash and next thing he knows, he’s at the Tower.
Epiales: New ships pretty fast huh?
Bee: Yeah, when you’re done, i’ll be with Zavala.
Epiales: Alright.
Epiales goes to visit Master Rahool to finally use something hes been saving for awhile, his Exotic Engram.
Epiales: Hey Rahool, got something fun for ya.
Rahool: Ah, you’ve returned again, you have an actual challenge this time?
Epiales: Yeah, you’ll like this one.
Epiales pulls out the Exotic Engram and tosses it to Rahool.
Rahool: Ah, its been quite awhile since i’ve decoded one of these, you managed to bring me a challenge, give me a minute…maybe 2.
Epiales: You’ve got it.
Epiales hears a whooshing sound and looks over at Rahool to see him holding a helmet.
Epiales: So what’d i get?
Rahool: Something special, this is called the Celestial Nighthawk. Its an amazing armor piece, i’ve found a few already. I could tell you what it does, or would you like to find out?
Epiales: I’ll take my chances.
Rahool: Very well then, off you go!
Epiales: See ya.
Epiales starts to walk towards Zavala when the sky immediately darkens.
Epiales: What the hell? Probably some weird weather, i should fly back before it picks up.
Epiales walks downstairs towards the Vanguards table and spots Bee talking to Zavala.
Epiales: Hey Zavala! Whats with the weather?
Zavala: Epiales! It’s been a good while, we’re trying to get a report from our satellites but nothings coming in.
Cayde: That’s good right?
Ikora: No, the reason no readings are coming in is because there are no satellites!
Cayde: And that’s not good…
Zavala turns around and peers out the window and sees something red in the distance.
Zavala: That’s not ordinary fog…EVERYONE GET DOWN!
A missle come straight for the Vanguard Quarters and a warship comes out of the fog…but its…Cabal?
Zavala: TO ME! TO ME!
Everyone rushes to Zavala as he drops a Ward Of Dawn.
Epiales: The hells goin on Bee?
Bee: I don’t know, but we’ve got a big fight ahead thats for sure.
Epiales: Who says that’s a bad thing?
Epiales puts on the Celestial Nighthawk and pulls his cloak over his head.
Bee: Ready to greet our friends?
Epiales: Thought you’d never ask.
Cayde: Wait up! I’m comin.
Epiales: I thought you weren’t able to leave?
Cayde: This times special, the bad guys? Their called the Red Legion, everywhere they go, they blow up the planet. I don’t know about you but i like to live, now c’mon!
Epiales: The more the merrier!
Epiales and Cayde jump out the window onto a platform below and start shooting at the Cabal.
Epiales: Cayde! There’s a ship overhead! I’m gonna catch it!
Cayde: Don’t die!
Epiales: Will do!
Epiales leaps from the platform onto a small Legion ship and shoots the pilot through the window.
Epiales: Sorry bud.
He leaps back down to see Cayde surrounded.
Cayde: A bit of help here?
Epiales: You got it!
Epiales switches to his Khvostov and lights up the surrounding Cabal.
Cayde: Woah-hoho! Where’d you get that baddie?
Epiales: It was a gift from a friend, now c’mon! That claw lookin ship is covering the Traveler!
Cayde: Alright!
After Epiales and Cayde reach the main ship, they see a hulking figure in glistening white armor stand on the bow of the ship.
Epiales: Any idea who that is?
Cayde: From my experience…Probably the big bad. I’ll cover for ya, you go on ahead and confront him.
Epiales: You got it, just don’t kick too much butt, save some for me.
Cayde: No problemo amigo.
As Epiales approaches the bow, he sees another figure in red armor standing next to the one in white, speaking urgently to him. It looks like hes trying to convince him maybe?
Epiales: Hey you! The hell you doin on earth?!
Stranger In White: You…You don’t have the right to address me Guardian.
Epiales: Do i give a damn, you mess with my planet, you die like the others that have tried.
Stranger In White: Hehehe…Well if we’re going to fight you might as well call me by my proper name…I am Ghaul.
Epiales: Do i care about your name? I’m just here to kick your ass.
Epiales starts walking towards Ghaul and hears a strange warping sound.
Epiales: What the hell? Whats that?
Ghaul: My plan is finally in action, now watch as i take your Traveler
Epiales: What?
A strange net appears over the Traveler and Epiales doubles over in pain, as if he were having a heart attack.
Epiales: What…the hell…is this pain?! Grraghhhh!!!
Ghaul: Watch Guardian…as i take your Light…although…i feel a strange presence coming from you…a resistance. Ah…i see it now…you’ve come into contact with the Darkness? Well Guardian…it’s time to decide…will you stay in the spotlight, or linger in the shadows?
Epiales: I…i…guahhh…
Epiales passes out near the front of the bow.
Ghaul: You Guardians are weak…the Traveler chose wrong…now…it’ll have a true warrior!
Ghaul kick Epiales off of the ship and watches his descent toward the earth.
Ghaul: Goodbye Guardian…sad that you couldn’t see me become a proper warrior.

Yes the anger shall fuel the future choices guardian (another good chapter)

thank you, i plan on keeping the Red War arc short as with the rest, but i dont know if i’ll manage it

Noice at some point tho you’ll have to deviate off the base storyline of destiny

im going to, i dont know when yet though

K plus I said that cause at one point you will ketch up to the current D2 story line and not be able to write anything else if you stay strictly to the main storyline