Ch.11 Epiales's Wake

Why Does Epiales feel so much pain? Why Can’t he stand for what he believes in? Why…why cant he be himself? His dreams are filled with pain, torment, darkness, regret, but then a light and a voice shine through. Stand Epiales, there may be Darkness in you but your heart stands pure, isn’t that enough to fight for? The one you love, wouldn’t she want you to live? So rise my Guardian and fight, the time is at hand.

Bee: C’mon Epiales, i got you, you’ll be fine. Just get up for me, you need to stand up.
Epiales rises with a pained look on his face.
Epiales: Wha-what happened?
Bee: After you fell from the ship, i lost you for a few days…I couldn’t feel you so i…i…i thought you were dead…But your’e here now! We have a chance. We just need to get out of here. C’mon!
Epiales attempts to walk but falls right back down with a sickening THUD.
Bee: Epiales!
The world fades to black as Epiales closes his eyes…he feels fear for a bit…then feel nothing.
Bee: Epiales! Woah woah woah, take it easy.
Epiales’s eyes flutter open and he looks around with a confused look on his face, he’s in a mountain range sitting next to a camp.
Epiales: Where the hell am i?
Bee: We’re in the Twilight Gap, your at a fellow Guardians camp, her name was Eki i believe…her name sounded familiar before she told me it. She’s an exo, she went to hunt, but you need to rest, you took some bad damage.
Functionality: 15%
Systems In Immediate Danger!
Epiales: Damnit! Wait…but how…she can’t be…she shouldn’t…
Bee: Whats wrong?
Epiales: My systems are almost at the point of no return…but the girl…she…she shouldn’t even be alive!
Bee: I wouldn’t know…here she comes!
Epiales looks up and sees a face he longed for…Eki…but how? She should be dead…her whole chest was blown apart and no way to resurrect…
Epiales: Eki…
Eki: Long time no see Epiales…i see you found the gun…
Epiales: How? How’re you here!? You died right in front of me!
Eki: That’s something for another time, right now we need to worry about moving and getting to the Farm.
Epiales: What Farm?
Eki: It’s a base outside of the City, the Lightless would escape to it to live outside of the City’s rules. Zavala set up camp there, we need to go…Now…Red Legion have been patrolling this area, unless you want to die you might wanna get up.
Epiales: Hehe…always so blunt.
Eki: Of course…only way to make you listen.
Epiales: I thought i was the leader?
Eki: It’s my time to shine baby.
Epiales: By the way…the letter you put with the gun…did you mean it?
Eki: Not the time.
Epiales gets up and looks her in the eyes.
Epiales: I’ve been wanting to know for so long…so yes…this is the time.
Eki and Epiales hear a earsplitting crack and turn to see something fly into the sky.
Eki: RUN!
Eki takes off and Epiales follows right behind.
Epiales: The hell is that?!
Eki: I don’t know, when the Legion launch them, everything within a 25 mile radius is gone, so we need to move!
Epiales and Eki run for about and hour and a half until the Farm is in sight.
Eki: Down there!
Epiales jumps onto the mountain side and slides down it, but hits a bump and falls the rest of the way down and blacks out…the last thing he hears is Eki calling his name…then he feels nothing.

Beautifully written, the fact that she cam back to life reminds me of bioshock 2

thats were i got the idea from

Nioce although some newer generation people aren’t gonna know the reference