Ch.12 Epiales's Worth

Really Guardian? Didn’t We just bring you back? You need to work on staying alive, especially with the Light gone, We can only help you but so many times. We’ll be watching you, make sure your worth lies where it should.

Epiales wakes with a start, searching around him, he sees he is in a barn with no one else around.
Epiales: Hello? Anyone there?
Eki: About time you woke up…i’ve saved you what? Twice now? C’mon Epiales, your better than that.
Epiales: Why…why’re you alive? How’re you alive?
Eki: You wouldn’t believe me if i told you.
Epiales: After what we’ve been through? Anything goes.
Eki: You sure? This…there could be consequences for you knowing.
Epiales: Then i’ll take them.
Eki: Fine. Before i died, before we went on Oryx’s ship, i was experimenting. And my experiments worked clearly.
Epiales: What were you experimenting with?
Eki: Darkness…The Darkness…the one thing we aren’t supposed to have the slightest deal with…i played with it anyways.
Epiales: That makes 2 of us.
Eki: What? What do you mean?
Epiales: After i left Oryx’s ship, i started hearing voices-
Eki: Why…why did you follow them? Why would you do that to yourself???
Epiales: It’s all i could do, they said they’d bring us back together, i thought they were telling the truth, then awhile passed and i couldn’t find you, so i gave up, but here you are.
Eki: God damnit Epiales! You shouldn’t have done this! Do you have any idea what you did to yourself!? You basically wrote yourself a deathwish!
Epiales: I didn’t know what to do ok?! I was alone…i was…i was scared…
Eki: That doesn’t excuse it…i may not be able to talk much seeing as how i did it, but at least i learned from it, your still as stubborn as when we first met.
Epiales: Can’t change a robot, you can change a man though.
Eki looks at Epiales and chuckles.
Eki: I guess your’e not wrong.
Epiales: As usual.
Eki: I meant it.
Epiales: Meant what?
Eki: The letter, it was true.
Epiales stares at Eki, dumbfounded, looking for signs of lies.
Eki: You okay? You look like you’ve seen a Hive swarm.
Epiales: Huh? Oh, yeah, im fine.
Eki: I’ll let you rest, i think my tyrade is done.
Epiales: Ok
A hooded figure jumps down from a support beam and lands in front of Epiales as soon as Eki leaves.
Epiales: Gah! Who’re you?
Hooded Stranger: Names are powerful things at the moment, Zavala gave me your and told me to get you, c’mon, he’s discussing a plan.
Epiales: Ok, but who’re you?
Hooded Stranger: Call me Hawthorne, now let’s go.
Epiales: Got it.
Epiales walks off with Hawthorne to a larger barn that looks a little more rundown than the one he was in.
Zavala: Thank you Hawthorne, Are you well Epiales? You’ve been out quite some time.
Epiales: Yeah, how long was i out?
Eki: 4 days.
Epiales looks over at Eki with a confused look on his face.
Epiales: What?
Zavala: It’s true, you took quite a bit of damage.
Epiales: Well im fine now, what’s the plan?
Zavala: We need to get Cayde and Ikora back here first.
Epiales: Wait, they aren’t here?
Zavala: No, they fled when the Tower fell.
Epiales: Well. Time to go Vanguard hunting.

Hmm it seems the wicked flowers have bloomed further than even yor expected

Indeed, now let’s see if they will wither or thrive

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