Ch.13 Epiales's Path

Sorry for another late chapter, but this ones important!

Hawthorne: You sure about this? It’s called a dead zone for a reason.
Bee: If there’s any chance we could reconnect with the Light then we need to take it.
Hawthorne, Alright, i’d give you coordinates but i’m pretty sure you can see it.
Epiales: I’ll be fine, besides aren’t that what Guardians are for? Doing the impossible?
Hawthorne grumbles and leads him to a Jumpship.
Hawthorne: Use this one, and be careful, we don’t have many ships.
Epiales: I’ll do my best.
Hawthorne: Your best better be this ship coming back to me the way it was.
Epiales: I’ll try.
Epiales looks over his shoulder and see’s Eki near the Barn looking at him and nods at him.
Hawthorne: Just get in the ship and leave.
Epiales gets in the ship and flies towards the Shard of The Traveler.
Bee: We’re here.
Epiales: Alright, lets go.
Bee: You better be careful, we can’t have you dying.
Epiales: I’ll be fine, when have i not been smart?
Bee: You really wanna get into that?
Epiales: Ok ok ok…let’s go get superpowers.
After and hour of traversing through the underground tunnels of the EDZ, he comes out into a forest with a weird sticky feeling in the air.
Epiales: It’s way to humid here.
Bee: Im not worried, im waterproof.
Epiales: So am i, its just uncomfortable.
Bee: Wait…that’s not humidity…thats…the Light…
Epiales: Huh?
Bee: Look around.
As Epiales takes a look around and sees shadows of the past, or more like…lights of the past.
Epiales: Woah…what’re these?
Bee: Its a sign…we’re close, keep moving.
Epiales starts to walk but hears hisses and clicking.
Epiales: Bee? You see anything?
Bee: Fallen, take cover!
Epiales ducks behind a boulder as the Fallen open fire on him.
Bee: There’s a whole company of them so be careful.
Epiales: Got it.
Epiales pops from behind the boulder and opens fire on the Fallen, trying to rush his way to the Shard.
Bee: On your left!
Epiales turns around just in time as a Vandal snipes at him and he dodges.
Epiales: Damn, they’re everywhere!
Bee: Just focus on getting to the Shard for right now.
Epiales: Got it, how far are we from it?
Bee: Just a few minutes away.
Epiales puts on a burst of speed as he sees his way to the Shard.
Bee: Right through there and we’ll be there.
Epiales slides through the tunnel and is standing right in front to the Shard.
Bee: Its…pulling me…
Bee floats towards the Shard and starts absorbing Light.
Bee: Get ready.
Bee washes Epiales in the Light.
Epiales: Woah…i…i feel the Light again.
Bee: Now c’mon, more Fallen are coming in but this time they have reinforcements.
Epiales: Got it.
Bee brings in the ship and they take off.

Noice but I feel this would have been a great way to rewrite the begging of D2