Ch.14 Epiales's Comeback

Zavala: So you got the Light back? You continue to surprise me.
Bee: We visited the Shard of the Traveler, and from there…the Traveler led us.
Zavala: Interesting…but we’ll have to press this matter later, we have a Red Legion troop near the area that needs to be dealt with, care to do the honors?
Epiales: Yes sir, just give me the details.
Zavala pulls up a map and points to Sojorners Camp
Zavala: We’ve spotted a rise in Legion activity around there, we don’t know why just yet, we’ve sent a group to gather intelligence, when they return we’ll send an attack group, i’d like you to lead it.
Epiales: I’d be glad to. When is the intelligence expected to return?
Zavala: In a few minutes. Ah, here they are.
A group of Redjacks walk in with Eki in the lead, she notices Epiales and nods to him, pointing outside.
Zavala: So, whats the news?
Eki: Legion are being holed up there cause turns out there’s a survivor camp near there, we gotta get them Zavala, we need more forces.
Zavala: I understand your concern Eki, and we will try, the problem is we can’t just keep bringing people here, this isn’t the City.
Eki starts to get mad and bangs her fist on the table, shutting off the map
Eki: You think i don’t know that!? You think that i can’t help?! Zavala, there are people out there, innocent people! We need to help them! We just can’t let the Legion get them. So either you help them or i will, and if i do i’m not coming back.
Epiales: Eki, calm down, we-
Eki: You! Don’t you start…I’ll talk to you later.
Zavala: Again Eki, i understand your concern but we don’t have enough resources to house everybody like we did in the City, if we did bring them here they might not get the things they need, at their camp they probably had all they needed, after the raid we’ll give them back what was taking. Now this discussion is over, Epiales, your team leaves in an hour, Eki will be going with you.
Epiales: Got it.
Epiales starts to walk out but Eki grabs his shoulder before he can walk away
Eki: Let’s go…now.
Epiales: What for?
Eki: There’s alot we need to talk about.
Eki pulls Epiales to the side of the barn
Epiales: So…whats up?
Eki: I know your confused on how im here, and well, you deserve and explanation. Before the raid on Oryx, i was met by a shadowy figure, he told me that i would die in that raid no matter what i did, but then he told me that there’s a way i can prevent that. I-i was scared…i didn’t know what to do, i didn’t want to die, so i accepted and next thing i know, i wake up in in the middle of nowhere with some weird black fire on my hands, i freaked out and he appeared again explaining that well…i was part of the Darkness now…
Epiales: No…no…please tell me there’s another reason…please tell me you’re lying.
Eki: Why? Epiales what did you do? Why are you like this?
Epiales: I was made a similar promise, except it was to bring you back…looks like it worked…heh…
Eki: I was supposed to be the only one, why?! Why did you do it!?
Epiales: Because i love you!
Eki: Wha-you…what?
Epiales: I love you Eki.

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