Ch.16 Resurrection

AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry this chapter is so late, but I took all your advice to make this chapter the best one yet!
Verbal dialogue looks like this: “Hey there.”
Thoughts look like this: “I’m currently thinking.
Expect some more chapters in the future! Now, onto the story…

Wind blows across the barren landscape, sand flows over the Exos body. Grass, vines, and leaves cover him. But yet, he is aware. He breathes the air, feels the sand and growth, sees the light. Yet, he cannot respond, cannot interact. “Epiales…Epiales!” Epiales tried to look over, yet couldn’t, so her resigned himself to just listen. But suddenly, all was black, but he could move again! Epiales waved his hand in front of him and continued to move around when the voice called again. “Epiales!” “W-who’s there?” “You seriously don’t remember your best friend?” “E-Eki!? B-but how?” “The Darkness…” “W-wait…what?” “Yeah…its spread…and…I used it to bring you back.” “No.” “What do you mean no?” “Leave me. I’m not going to be part of this.” “You’ll die without it! The Light abandoned you, why do you think you’ve sat there all this time, not being able to feel, react, live? I’ve kept you alive. Nothing else, just, c’mon, this isn’t the fighter I know.” “Well. I guess you don’t know me as well as you thought if you thought I’d have anything to do with that damned virus.” “I thought you’d say that, that’s why I gotta tell you, all the Guardians utilize it now. Even the Vanguards have begun dabbling in it. The world is changing. I need you to change with it.” “…What?”
3 weeks later.
“Eki, 3 snipers spotted on the ridge. Prepare to move in.” “10-4. Squad 6 ready to sweep.” “Sweep authorized, clear them out.” “10-4. Squad 6 moving in.”
Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP!
“The hell is th-” BA-THWOOM!
An explosion rocked the Glacial Drift, the area that Eki-
“EKI!” Epiales sprinted down the ridge to see the explosion sight, yet when he got there…the area was rendered unrecognizable.