Ch.3 The Story Of Epiales

Well here comes chapter 3, Crota Will Finally End…

The story continues with Epiales and Bee standing at the entrance to the Hellmouth, peering in with 5 other Guardians ready to take on the challenge.
Epiales: “You all ready? We might not come back.”
Others: “Yes Sir!”
Epiales: “Alright let’s go!”
As Epiales and the others descend into the Hellmouth, he feels a strange presence, a godly one, peering at them, and that’s when he knows, they’re in Crota’s playground now.
Epiales: “Eyes up everyone! There is still a lot about down here we don’t know. Step carefully, my Ghost will lead us, Go ahead Bee.
Bee: “On it! This Way Everyone!”
After going through the tunnels and come up to a door, with it bearing Crota’s mark.
Epiales: This is it everyone, remember the plan. I can’t guarantee you all will come out, alive or deranged. Anyways, with the milky stuff outta the way, let’s go!"
Others: “Yes sir!”
After raising the bridge and dealing with the Swordbearers, it’s time to face Crota head-on.
Epiales: “Okay, Eki-3, Suro, and Lockheim, you 3 go for the left and ready your snipers, Yuri and Sikne-7, you’re with me on main attack, let’s go!”
Yuri: “But sir, what’ll happen if we die?”
Epiales: “Then we die, the Light can’t reach us here, so we’re on our own. Now quit whining let’s kill a god.”
Yuri:“Yes Sir.”
As the groups move into formation a green light appears, and at the end of the hall…is Crota
Epiales: “Alright everyone! This is it, you know what to do!”
Others: “Yes sir!”
Sikne-7:" Sir, I brought you something from the Tower, your Ghost can decode it easily."
As Sikne hands Epiales a small engram, Epiales realizes it has a golden glow, knowing its an exotic.
Epiales: “Bee? Can you decode this?”
Bee: “Sure can!’ “Here!”
And before Epiales is a Ghjallarhorn, a legendary weapon among Guardians.
Epiales: “N-no, I can’t take this.”
Sikne-7: “Please do, if something happens, i wanna be remembered, by the one who took down Crota.”
Epiales: “Thanks, I’ll make sure he dies. Now, let’s kill this bastard.”
As Epiales, Sikne, and Yuri work together to kill Crota, the others providing covering fire.
Sikne-7: “Sir! There’s too many!”
Epiales: “Then kill em’!”
As Sikne is shooting at the mob of Thrall, a Knight comes up behind him, and stabs him through the chest…
Epiales: “Sikne!”
Sikne” Remem-remember…m-me…"
As Sikne’s corpse drops to the ground time seemed to slow for Epiales, he pulled out the Ghjallarhorn, pointed at Crota, and yelled “Take this you bastard!” And launched a rocket straight at Crota’s face, and landed the killing blow.
Epiales: “Casualty report?”
Yuri: “Suro, Lockheim, and Sikne are dead…”
Epiales" Damnit, lets get out while we still can, grab the bodies."
Chapter Ends

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