Ch.4 The Story Of Epiales

Before i start this chapter i just wanna thank the people that took time out of their day to read this, i know i haven’t been here long but still i really appreciate it, anyways onto the story.

The story begins with Epiales leaving the Reef after helping Mara Sov with the Wolves. Then receiving an urgent message from Zavala to go to Phobos, something strange happened and he needs him to check it out…now onto the story

Zavala: “Epiales, theres been a strange SOS signal coming from Phobos, it seems to belong to…the Cabal? Hmm…go ahead and investigate it, but be careful.”
Epiales: “Understood. Bee! You heard em’ to Phobos.”
Bee: “You got it!”
Epiales and Bee arrive on Phobos
Epiales: “Umm…Zavala? It seems the Cabal are killing the…Cabal?”
Zavala: “Why would they be killing each other? They’re low in numbers so I don’t see why they’d make it lower…keep investigating.”
Epiales: “You got it.”
Epiales enters Cabal base
Eris Morn: “Guardian…you must tread carefully…I seen this before…and you may not survive it.”
Epiales: “Then what is it? Knowing what I’m supposed to kill makes it easier to kill it.”
Eris Morn: “They…are Taken, soldiers of Oryx…Oryx is the father…of Crota…and he’s here to kill you, nd avenge his sons death.”
Epiales: “Oh, thats fun, so a body stealing worm wants me dead. C’mon Bee, let’s go.”
Bee: “And where to exactly?”
Epiales: “Why to investigate of course!”
Bee: “I swear if you do something stupid I’m gonna punch you.”
Epiales: “With what? Your hands?”
Bee: “Haha so funny. Just keep moving.”
Bee and Epiales reach the control room to see who sent the SOS
Epiales: “Hey Bee, look up at the controls, it’s one of those weird Cabal.”
Bee: “Hmmm…strange.”
Suddenly pure darkness surrounds the room, and appears an image…if Oryx
Oryx: “Light! Give your will to me!”
Epiales: “What the hell?”
Suddenly a swarm of Taken appear
Bee: “Epiales you got stuff to kill!”
Epiales: “I can see!”
After killing the Taken, Epiales and Bee try and rush to the ship after reaching it. They go straight to the Tower.
End Of Chapter 4

YO NOSTALGIA CENTRAL BOI the beginning of the taken king was the best and this does a pretty great job of putting the mission into words

Thx m8, I would include the entire Taken King but that would be way to long so next chapter I’m going straight to Kings Fall

Cool, good job so far and nice job putting so much into detail a thing that’s made in a similar fashion to the lore card ghost fragment thorn 2

Thx m8 20 characters