Ch.5 The Story Of Epiales

(Side note: Sorry this took so long to make, schools been hell to keep up with, but this will be the biggest chapter yet. Good reading!)

As Epiales stared at Oryxs ship…he felt the Darkness oozing from it…it made him feel uneasy, but, he had a mission to do.

Eki-3:Yes Sir!?
Epilales:Prepare the others, we’re heading in.
Eki-3:Yes sir.
Within the ship, Epiales could feel the Darkness on the edge of his conscience, trying to feed him ides of evil, he pushed them away and continued on.
Epiales: Hey Yuri?
Yuri: Yes Sir?
Epiales: I need you posted out here, to keep an eye on things, Eki, you’re comin in with me.
Yuri: But sir, that’s too dangerous, you’ll need as much help in there as possible, plus there’s 3 only of us.
Epiales: I don’t care, Hive will rush to here, and someone’s gonna have to hold em off.
Yuri: Yes sir…
As Epiales and Eki enter the throne room, they see Oryx, just floating there, as if he was expecting them. But how? There as no way he could’ve known.
Oryx: Welcome…Guardian…I’ve been waiting…you were foolish to escape me…now…NOW I WILL HAVE YOUR LIGHT AND MY REVENGE!!!
Epiales stares at him puzzled but them leaps out of the way as Oryx swings his sword down on him.
Epiales: Damnit! Eki! I need help over here!
Eki: On it sir!
Epiales keeps avoiding Oryx as Eki prepares to attack Oryx with the Gjallarhorn
Epiales: Now Eki!
Oryx looks down on Eki as she berates him with missles
Oryx: Bwahahahaha! You think mere metal will fall me? Then your’e sadly mistaken…
Oryx withdraws as a horde of Taken rise and begin to attack
Epiales: C’mon Eki! Let’s show em not to mess with us!
Eki: With pleasure!
After and hour and a half of battling Taken, Oryx reappears and begins another assault on the Guaridans
Epiales: Again Eki!
Eki: Yes sir!
As Eki barrages Oryx with more missiles but this time…they worked?
Oryx: Gah! You bastards! GRAHHHH!
Oryx sends a blinding blast across the area and hit Eki flat in the chest
Epiales: EKI! You bastard, you got her!
Oryx: Ahahahaha…i did indeed…no matter…you will join her!
Epiales: Never! He lunges the Gjallarhorn upon his shoulder and continues to blast at Oryx
Oryx: Will you stop you insolent bastard!?!? Can’t you lie down and accept the inevitable?!?!
Epiales:Because…i…I WILL NOT DIE! Epiales reaches for the light inside him and watches as he is engulfed in the flames of the Light. Take this! Epiales uses the Golden Gun and shoots Oryx straight in the head and lets go of the flames.
Eki: S-sir…i…im not makin it…
Epiales: You are Eki…i promise you…you will…Epiales radios in for help. This is Fireteam 117! We need help! We’re on the Dreadnaught with 2 Guardians down and no way off!
Radio Attendant: We have medical transport ships on the way now.
Epiales: You hear that? You’ll be alright…you’ll…The world starts looking black as Epiales sees the medic ships coming in…as soon as they land…he passes out.

This chapter is great, the possibility of the entire fireteam dieing permanently from this is a nice touch and do I see a possibility of epiales turning against the traveler?

  1. Thanks, i’ve been working on this since november. 2.Yeah, i had to spice things up a but, eh? 3…maybe…

Nice, because none of my stories that start at the beginning of a guardian’s story turn out the best i’m Currently working on a story that happens in the middle of a guardian’s carrier

well i can’t wait to read it, and thx for reading mine