Ch.6 The Fall Of Epiales

This chapter…is where things change…

Epiales wakes up in a City hospital missing some of his arm and not being able to see out of his left eye, he looks over to his right and spots a nurse and he says: Wh-…What happened? Where am i?
The nurse looks over at him with solemn eyes.
Nurse: I’m sorry…your friends…they didn’t make it.
Epiales: What? What do you mean?
Nurse: The Exo and human that were with you…they died, we tried to treat them as best as we could but it didn’t work. The Exo, she said she left something for you, in her Vault. She said you deserve it and thank you for trying your best to save her.
Epiales looks down with anger and sadness in his heart. Eki was his best friend, and he would never know if she felt more for him as he felt for her, he’d never have the chance.
Epiales: When can i leave? I can’t be here any longer…
Nurse: We’re working on your vision now, as for your arm, that’ll take awhile.
Epiales feels his anger rising and snaps
Epiales: I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! I…I just want to leave…
Epiales looks down to see that he’s…crying? No…that can’t be, he never cried…so…why now? But to his fear, the nurse is staring at him in horror
Nurse: Y-y-yes sir, i’ll see what we can do…
Epiales: Thank you…
*Epiales starts thinking to himself, why’d he lose himself? He’s a Guardian, he’s supposed to care for the people, not treat them rudely. Then he noticies it, them, the voices. They’re swimming in his head, giving him evil thoughts, trying to turn him, he pushes them down with ease, but has a feeling this isn’t the end. All of a sudden, his left eye flares with light and then he can see again.
Nurse: T-there you go sir, you can leave now.
Epiales doesn’t reply for he’s scared he’ll snap, but he just gets out of the bed and walks out.
Epiales: Bee?
Bee appears and looks at Epiales
Bee: Yep?
Epiales: Can you get me to the Tower?
Bee: Sure thing! and by the way, they’ll have your replacement arm in a week. Thought you’d wanna know.
Epiales: Oh, thanks.
Epiales sees a flash of light as he’s teleported into his ship.
Bee: No problem! Ready?
Epiales: As always.
After a half hour of flying, Epiales reaches the Tower and walks over to the Vault and puts in Eki’s code.
Epiales: I-i shouldn’t have to do this…Bee? A little help here please?
Bee: Sure thing!
Bee sifts through the Vault till he finds a package labeled “For Epiales, my best friend.”
Bee; I think this is it…here.
Epiales looks down at the package at his feet with pure sadness…how could the world be so cruel and take the one he cared for most? He gingerly opened the package to see an old Khvostov, rather new looking, which gold and silver filigree and designs, with a small golden plaque on the stock reading Epiales, the greatest hunter i ever knew." He cried, he just sat next to the box and cried, losing the one he cared for, no, the one he loved, was a cruel joke from fate, and now, he’ll send one back.