Ch.7 The Fall Of Epiales

Things take a Dark turn for Epiales, he begins to investigate the Voices and why they want him.

Epiales: Bee? We close?
Bee: Yep! About 300 feet ahead.
Epiales: Good.
Epiales crosses the distance to find himself standing at the entrace of a barren campsite.
Epiales: This it?
Bee: Yeah, it’s pull is to strong, you’ll be alone there, you die and i can’t help you. So take it easy will you?
Epiales allows himself a small smile.
Epiales: Sure Bee, can’t make any promises though.
Bee: Well, off you go, the faster you get done, the quicker this is over.
Epiales walks off and explores the camp, although to the normal eye, this looks like a regular campsite, but due to recent events, Epiales can see beyond, and he knows…the camp is far from normal, here, the Voices are stronger and pull him closer.
Epiales: What do you want? You’ve already taken too much…Just…Just leave me alone.
Strange Voice: You hear them to? They tell me they speak to you.
Epiales: Who’re you? And who’s they?
Strange Voice: You already know the answer to that second question, as for the first, lets just say…I’m an ally. They tell me that you lost someone close, best friend perhaps?
Epiales: What the? How in the hell do you know what happened? And who the hell are you?
Epiales pulls out his hand cannon and points it toward the voice.
Strange Voice: Ugh. You Lightbearers are always so quick to shoot. Nevermind then, you wish to know me? Well you shall.
From the main tent, a shadowy figure stepped out, Epiales immediately knew where his face is from.
Epiales: Yor? But…Wha-how?
Dredgen Yor: Ah, now that’s an interesting tale, but maybe another time. Now, why are you here?
Epiales: You seem to know everything else, but that?
Yor: Well they can’t tell me everything. Now again, Why are you here?
Epiales: I’m here to find out who “They” are.
Yor: A pointless quest, even if you discovered who They are, you wouldn’t comprehend the fact.
Epiales: Then what do i do?
Yor: Simple…Give in.

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