Ch.9 The Fall Of Epiales

This Story is rounding a close, but we aren’t to close to the end, so settle in while you can, and watch Epiales turn his back on the Traveler.

Epiales: What’s that?
Epiales point at some black, goopy stuff coming off of Yor.
Yor: Wha-oh! That…well it was avoidable…This is materialized Darkness, it’s what gives me form.
Epiales: What do you mean ¨Gives you form?¨
Yor: Exactly what i said, you see, i’m not exactly alive, but not really dead. When you join the Darkness and die, it holds your conscience for ¨future use¨, for me, it turned me into a vision, it’s the reason i’m standing in front of you.
Epiales: So…I’ll become…Immortal?
Yor: Kind of. You’re already immortal, but with a catch, this is the same thing.
Epiales: Oh, so when exactly do i deal with the Darkness?
Yor: In time young one, for now, i teach you what it is and make sure you don’t go crazy or kill yourself in the process, as i said, you’re very valuable, it’d be a shame for you to die so soon.
Epiales: I don’t see how i’m valuable, could you explain?
Yor: Bit dimwitted are you? Perhaps not, oh well. The reason you’re so valuable is because you have an innate ability to repel the Light, a very valuable ability for a Disciple of Darkness. You can’t fight the Light if it can take you back.
Epiales: So…I can suppress it? Cool…I guess…
Yor: Yes! Yes! Now, out with the questions, i can’t explain if you dont be quiet.
Epiales: Ok then.
After a few hours of being taught about the Darkness and how to handle it, Yor imparts some into Epiales, allowing him to feel what the Taken are like.
Epiales: Woah…this feel…peaceful?
Yor: That’s why we need to spread, to put the universe at ease, all throughout, we are at war, if we spread enough, we can stop all violence and let people live in peace.
Epiales: Well…Then help me…I want to end this war.
Yor: Well what do you think im here for? WIth this, you can take your light abilities and basically modify them, go ahead, draw on it and push the Darkness towards it.
Epiales summons the Golden Gun, but uses the Darkness…and it works?
Epiales: What the hell?
Yor: You’re a quick learner.
In Epiales hand, is a shadowy Thorn, as if it were made of black fire.
Epiales: How-why? What’s going on?
Yor: The Darkness changes you, just make sure you don’t lose yourself, now, i must be going.
Yor disappears into the shadows leaving Epiales standing there confused, and pondering his final words.

Yes young epiales use the darkness end the traveler hahahahaahahaha (but on a serious note great chapter)

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