Class Picks for Guardians

How are guardians chosen for each class?

I think the best explanation the community has been able to come up with is that Guardians choose what class they are. The classes are a self-created structure. As the Drifter states, there were no classes in the Dark Ages. Therefore, it seems that Guardians are not rezzed as a specific class, but subscribe to that class’s philosophy on how to use the light, and thus follow those teachings.

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I see it as what style of fighting you have, if you use brute force and heavy armor then your a titan, if you fight from a distance with a sniper or other and you are a scout with light armor then your a hunter and if you like to read and learn a lot then your a warlock

I just imagine a Ghost can sense your personality, and it chooses your class for you.
I don’t see you being rezzed, and your Ghost starts this 50 question survey lol


I personally think its more on how the Guardian releases their Light, with Hunters channeling it through their weapons to make them more powerful, Warlocks using their body as a conduit to unleash their might, and Titans that just go around shoulder bashing things like idiots except for our lord and savoir Lord Shaxx whos mere presence will kill all who are accustomed to being around him.