Clovis Bray is the best Destiny character

With all of the Bray family secrets finally revealed, we should take a look at the depth Bungie put in Beyond Light key characters. It is not our conflict with Eramis, it is vision of humanity collapse described through the fate of the Bray family members. And Clovis has the most complexity.
A genius, a monster, a traitor of Sol system.
In this topic I want to analyse the true motivation behind his actions. Lore books mostly describe his madness and cruelty during his human time. But why Clovis-1 with his memories wiped was the most restless and protective Exo warrior? His AI version keeps talking about “Bray legacy”. But what was Clovises legacy? The answer lies in the names and descriptions of new raid weapons.
Bequest - the only woman in the world that can stand beside him as equal - his wife Lusia
Commemoration - his main failure and regret - his son Clovis-II
Trustee - the most cautious and caring person that can keep his “legacy” safe - his grandson Alton
Succession - the mother of his grandchildren and the love of his son Sylvie
Heritage - the person that looks up to him the most and tries to fit in his big boots Wilhelmina
And finally - Posterity - the person he think like of his exact copy - having the same passion and devotion as him Anastasia.
Every weapon has a name hidden deep inside the barrel so nobody notices, and with the Exo"s “-1” attached to every name as a symbol of their eternal life.
And now think, deep inside the Crypt who made theese weapons?

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This is deep, but you forgot Lament.

Lament- Sacrificing all, even his family for legacy. Ignoring his family’s pain and only concerned about having him continue on. It worked, but at what cost? The death of almost the whole family and the pure hatred of his granddaughter Elisabeth (Elsie) Bray.

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