Commander Zavala and Osiris meet with Empress Caiatl

Name: Zavala and Osiris Meet with Empress Caiatl
Video URL: Zavala and Osiris Meet With Empress Caiatl | Cutscene: "Bow" | Season of the Chosen - YouTube
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Recorded: 2021.02.09


** Commander Zavala and Osiris meet with Caiatl.

Caiatl: Even my people have a word for peace, but we do not use it often — or lightly. I wouldn’t have summoned you if I was not sincere.

Zavala: Peace? With the Cabal?

Caiatl: The Darkness crowds the edges of this system. The Hive serves it. You’ll fall to one, if not the other. My world did.

Zavala: Empress Caiatl, I’m sorry for what you’ve lost.

Caiatl: We have all suffered. I propose an alliance.

Osiris: Cabal don’t ally. They conquer. She betrayed her father to Ghaul. Don’t think she won’t put a gilded knife in your back too.

Caiatl: My father was soft.

Osiris: He lacked ambition.

Caiatl: As you do. Humanity won’t survive unless the commander expands his horizons. Join my empire. You’ll keep your title and gain a seat on my war council. With my army and your Light, the Cabal will crush the Hive. Then… the Black Fleet. Bow.

Zavala: No.

** Psions take aim at Zavala and Osiris while Caiatl’s guards step forward and ready their weapons. Zavala’s Ghost disappears as the guards behind them step closer. Caiatl raises her hand and her forces stand down.

Caiatl: Very well. Ready yourself, Commander. I’ll sharpen my gilded knife — and see you both on the battlefield.

** Zavala and Osiris peacefully leave the vicinity.

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