Community Exotic Project

So this time, I’d like you all to help come up with my exotic, so far I got the basics. I’ll list em here and y’all comment what y’all want to add.

Name:The Nightmares Bane
Weapon Type:Hand Cannon
Description:Time To Kill Me A God.-Epiales-1
Lore:After nearly dying on the moon, I had to talk to the Vanguard for waking up Crota, still confused how, and Cayde hands me a gun, a hand Cannon specifically, all I know is…This. Will. Kill. Crota.

Cause should actually be Cayde right?

Thx for that, I didn’t catch it

Exotic perk idea:
Name: Winnower

Function(what the perk does): every 30 minutes you can sacrifice 5 entire clips of your hand cannon ammo to create one very strong Bullet (instant kills all minors and some yellow bar enemies)

doesn’t seem like it would see much use due to the timer, and if the timer was lower it would be broken in crucible, plus its basically just a worse version of Izanagi

Perk: Breaker

Function: does 50% more damage to Barrier champions and 25% more to nightmares, but suffers 25% less damage to non nightmare/barrier champ enemies

The power was why the time and clip amount is there

I wasn’t saying it was OP, the exact opposite actually as it if it was t see any use at all it would need a major buff, plus as stated its just Izanagi but worse

It one shots mini bosses

so does izinagis, and I can kill a mini-boss in a 10-15 seconds, why in the world would I wait 30 minutes to do something that I can do in 10 seconds

No the 30 minutes thing is a cool down between uses so let’s say you get on in the morning one destiny and your playing crucible, let’s say you use it at the beginning of the match, you now can’t use it for 30 minutes

… so you get a single kill at best… and if you really wanted to you could get quite a few more with an exotic that does the exact same thing but with no timer and less ammo wasted… Ill never see the point of that but were getting off topic from the original post

The point is to stop it from being used too much against bosses to avoid the problem with top tree hunter arcstrider combined with one two punch and liar’s handshake

if were gonna continue this then

  1. what has all the hunter stuff you listed have anything at all to do with this? you cant use one two with Izinagi because its not a shotgun and nether is this, and to top it off that was nerfed a long long time ago

  2. even if this way to see use in the way stated no one would use this because Izinagi’s is the same gun but better in almost every way, and even then it only sees use in some raids

(quick question do you know what the Izanagi’s Burden is? )

The hunter stuff was a reference to that really op build that was overused, the point of this is to be powerful but not be overused because the hand cannon uses primary ammo and can carry more ammo than izanagi’s

a’ight (20 characters)

Well I lost internet access cause my cable cord broke but it’s all fixed now, and I agree with Aaetheon, why use something I’ll get a kill on a match in when I can use something I can get multiple kills in?

Because if izanagi could one shot a strike boss they would see differently

Ok, but this can’t either so what is your point?

K, i’m Just gonna stop arguing now