Complete Story of Destiny So Far!

I plan on writing the whole basic story of Destiny in a post soon with the help of the Ishtar Collective. It will take some effort, so some love would be appreciated. I may be new to this website, but I’m no stranger when it comes to the lore.

Be seeing you soon, Guardians…


This might help you:

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Yes. Thank you, this will help a lot. I’ll use this and the Ishtar Timeline.

Ok, I’ve tried to open the docs many times, but only the 1st page loads. The other pages might be missing.

Could you tell me who the author of the work is and how I can contact him to use it as a reference?

That would be me. The link should work, are you able to download it?

Yes, thank you for the work. I plan to release the work chapters at a time. I’m currently in progress with the first one. It may take a while to release, due to lots of testing with school.