Concept Weapon 3 -

So I made another one of these yesterday (I make these a LOT) and I thought I’d do another. What I think is cool is how I make up these guns and armor on the spot.


Not too long ago, I was lying in my bed, thinking about the various Pinnacle weapons in D2:JW (At like, 3:00 am) and I thought about a new weapon for PvE activities (something rewarded from the Vanguard Strike playlist, but cool, because the only decent weapon the Vanguard’s given me so far is Loaded Question, and I’ve dismantled that thing for MW cores.)

So I thought. And thought some more. And a little more. Before I knew it, the sun was shining through my window, and the light bulb in my brain was just waking up to start illuminating my ideas.

“So,” I thought. “What if the weapon was rewarded for doing things in Strikes, but was not associated with the Vanguard?”

Weapon name: Post Scriptum.
Weapon rarity: Pinnacle.
Weapon type: Pulse Rifle (Arc)
Weapon Archetype: Aggressive frame

Weapon description:

“…And another thing!”

Impact: 35
Range: 70 (100 due to MW)
Stability: 45
Handling: 30, maybe 31 to replicate a Blast Furnace.
Reload speed: 65
RoF: 450
Magazine: 48
Aim assist: 50
Recoil direction: 65 (screw it, it’s a Pinnacle Blast Furnace :smile:)
Zoom: 20


Perk 1: Hammer-forged Rifling: Increases range.
Perk 2: Drop Mag: Drops magazine upon reload, wasting ammo but greatly increasing reload speed.
Perk 3: Rampage: Kills with this weapon increase damage for a short time. Stacks up to 3 times.
Perk 4: Say it again, but louder: Precision kills with this weapon refund the shot, and add another bullet to your next burst. Chain Precision kills to add more bullets to your burst.


"Here at Tex Mechanica, we believe in hard-hittin’, reliably-shootin’, Darkness-killin’ hardware that you can trust. You’ve probably seen some of our products - Last Word, The Chaperone, Huckleberry, The Prospector - just to name a few. This is something different. Tex Mechanica is, for the first time, developing a super-ballistic energy weapon.

What’s so special about it? Glad you forgot to ask, par’ner! The onboard particle repeater and energy conservation modules are capable of adding more bullets to your burst when given enough continuous firing. A literal case of ‘more bang for your buck!’

For those of you who want to get your hands on this thing? Well, sad to say, but production is limited - grab 'em while they’re hot!"

– Tex 99-40, Tex Mechanica representative.


  1. Acquire quest from Banshee-44.
  2. Banshee wonders if you can handle such an aggressive rifle. Get kills with a Pulse Rifle in Strikes to prove that you can. (500 kills)
  3. Banshee is impressed, and forwards your request for a gun to Tex Mechanica, but they have yet to see that your Light can appropriately compliment the gun. Show them how bright you burn - generate Orbs of Light in Strikes. (1,000 Orbs)
  4. Tex Mechanica has noticed you. Get kills with any Tex Mechanica weapon in Strikes to gain the attention of their spotlight. (100 kills)
  5. Impress Tex 99-40 with Pulse Rifle kills in the Crucible. (10 kills)
  6. Tex 99-40 is blown away by your accuracy with a Pulse Rifle. You’ve more than earned the gun. Tex wishes he could give you the gun himself, but his schedule is too full. Visit Banshee for your reward.


So that’s my idea of Post Scriptum! A Pulse Rifle that shoots more and more rounds as you kill things! My balancing idea is quite simple, really - as you shoot more bullets from the gun, it becomes harder to land precision kills, and you will eventually miss the head sometime.

I’m imagining Post Scriptum (which, by the way, is what P.S. means is a letter, and is latin for “After is is said.”) being a Tex Mechanica weapon - with a Huckleberry-esque gunsight, and the Tex Mechanica logo stamped into the magazine.

Thank you all for taking a look at the gun, and remember that you can recommend themes for my next weapon!


looks like some quality shit, good work

I agree, question is a shotgun that looks like a irl current day shotgun too basic to be made an exotic in destiny? I don’t mean actual function I just mean by looks

This would be CRAZY in PvE. Immagine getting multiple precision kills when facing dregs, Acolytes, or even TRALL. HOW STUPID WOULD A TWELVE BURST SHOT BE?!

Uuuhhh. Give plz? I wanna see that…

Yo I posted a new story, if you plan on reading it better plan to be reading for a while

This sounds real fun. My only comment is I feel like 10 kills is way too little for a pulse rifle in the current state of crucible. Anyone with decent aim can do that in one or two matches. If it was me, I’d raise it to be more like 50 - 100 so that its not something you can easily get in three hours. Also 1000 orbs? really? Even with revelric light that would take 200+ strikes, and no one wants to do that.

I understand both of these! The reason I put in only 10 kills is because Tex 99-40 is just a frame, and wouldn’t really understand how easy it is to get those kills. That’s the joke. The joke is how easy the step is, despite the narrative giving a large build-up.

As for 1000 orbs? That’s the exact same thing you need to do to get Oxygen SR-3, the Vanguard Pinnacle weapon for Season of the Drifter.

This is really good. Might I add that the recoil direction and stability improves as you get precision kills or chain them. I want this so when I get a 12 burst that my pulse doesn’t go everywhere.

Hmmm. Really? I got oxygen and I don’t remember needing 1000 orbs. Maybe I just have a bad memory. I do know though that I got it in around 40 strikes, so I guess my estimate was wrong.

Oxygen is 1000 precision kills, not orbs and it’s only 500 orbs

I’m having flashbacks to Lost Sector farming in nightfalls for hours for SR3

There was an easier way. Also you can basically get that just by grinding for the new service revolver. Imagine if it had to be with scout rifles &/or dragonfly. Imagine the pain.

Sounds like Bad Juju.

I like it. Would love to see Bungie have community contests for exotics and legendaries.