Connection between Alpha Lupi and Clovis Bray

I was reading through Clovis Bray’s Logbook — Missing Pages when I got to the part about the dream he had, where both Clovis II’s mother and himself were wolves (NOTE-THIRD VISION, about half way down the record). At the end of the dream, when he asks her why she didn’t warn him of what he’d do if left unchecked, she says the following:

“The best voices,” she said, with infinite grief and unending hope, “never let themselves be heard at all. This lesson is worth teaching again and again. The choice is never mine. It is always yours.”

This appears in Ghost Fragment: Moon — Dreams of Alpha Lupi:

The best voices - voices that truly matter - never allow themselves be heard. This lesson is worth learning again and again.

It was proposed on Reddit that Alpha Lupi was infact one of the Speakers, since near all of his dreams seem to be either about the Traveler or from its point of view. The same Redditor claims Ghost Fragment: Moon to be the exception to this rule, coming from the Darkness’ point of view. This is supported by the fact that both a Pyramid ship and the Anomaly are on the moon. (I think I remember that Clovis Bray’s communications with Clarity began on the Moon too, although I’m not sure).
Is there a link between the dreams that Clovis Bray received, the dreams that Alpha Lupi received, and perhaps, further, the dreams that the Speakers received from the Traveler? Maybe this is how the entities in Unveiling are able to communicate with us, or at least the Traveler, Pyramids and Anomaly, assuming them to be their acting envoys.

I’ve been out of the lore loop for a while so let me know if this is obvious or has already been explained elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I believe that Clovis and his mom saw themselves as wolves. Now this may be a representation where his Alpha Lupi takes the form of his mom in an attempt to warn him to keep him from the darkness by basically saying “Don’t let your pride rule you”, which Clovis promptly ignored and went on doing his bad stuff.