Content creator casset tape: Crow's best night

Name: Content creator casset tape: Crow’s best night.
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Recorded: 2021.06.29

Crow: Hey Guardian.

Crow: There was one night early in my stay with Spider - I don’t remember why he was angry, either I did something stupid or said something smart - but he kicked me out.

Crow: I’m sitting in this alley on the Tangled Shore next to piles of scrap and garbage… feeling like I belong there, and these three Eliksni approach me.

Crow: Now I’m not in the best place emotionally so… I pull myself together and stand up, ready to spend the rest of the night dead. But… they just say “Velask”. That means “Hello”.

Crow: And… they bring me inside a little market, push a warm cup of something into my hands and start talking to me.

Crow: I say talking, but they only spoke Eliksni. They’d point to something and they’d say what it was and I’d repeat it and [scoffs], they’d laugh. That sort of thing.

Crow: And then [mechanical sounds] we hear music from somewhere a few doors down.

**Hope For The Future begins to play.

Crow: So, they got up and - I wouldn’t call it dancing exactly - but they were definitely moving.

Crow: I was just sitting there… watching them whilst this ethereal music was bleeding out some club.

**Crow takes a moment to think.

Crow: And you know… it was honestly one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

**Hope For The Future continues to play in the background.

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