CoO: Raid Lair Spoilers - Lore Discussion

So the final boss is a large Templar like Vex mind named Argos.

Argus Panoptes or Argos was a hundred-eyed giant in Greek mythology. He was a giant, the son of Arestor, whose name “Panoptes” meant “the all-seeing one”.

(Side note the actual boss has dozens of eyes and it’s pretty awesome)

Soooo we fought Panoptes in the campaign and killed him. Obviously Bungie could just be using the name Argos here and it’s unrelated but, did we just kill a simulation of Panoptes/Argos in the campaign? And this is the real one? Is there more than one simulation mind and are they all called Panoptes? This is Nessus, not Mercurcy, are they just not the same? What are everyone’s thoughts? (Without the grimoire it’s pretty much all speculation at this point)


It is confusing. Something I’d like to know is how the Vex got on the Leviathan so close to its core anyway. And if they did, why the crap they didn’t blow it up.

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We have actually seen the same Vex mind inhabit multiple forms in Destiny 2 already. There is a Vex mind that is part of one of the activities on Io tnat appears as both a minotaur and a hydra.


I’ve not seen this overtly specified anywhere, but paying close attention to your surroundings while in the Lair makes it pretty clear what’s happening. Argos is being eaten by the Leviathan.

The Vex we fight in the lair are not on the Leviathan, they are in the mouth; meaning the part that eats worlds. You can tell after you’re shot out of the canon and you land on the rock: In one direction is the mouth of the leviathan and then outer-space beyond it. In the other direction is just a huge fiery area, this is where worlds get “eaten” and transformed into Calus’ purple wine stuff that is all over his throne room.

Argos is a planetary core, which likely means it is the Vex mind in charge of actually machino-forming Nessus. With this in mind, and considering the surroundings described above, it seems to me that the Argos battle arena is actually a chunk of Nessus which is moving through the Leviathan “mouth” to the “digestive system”. This is why the lair is called Eater of Worlds; because that is literally what is happening, the Leviathan has begun eating Nessus and scooped up Argos in the process.

Now, why we feel like we need to go kill a bunch of vex which are about to be turned into sticky Cabal wine is a different question…

According to Calus they are jamming up “his beautiful machine” not entirely certain if that is exactly the quote but after you fight the loyalists for a while when you beat the jumping puzzle he says something about it.