Could there be light hive

So the hive is often associated with the darkness but that’s just because they have a worm. Every hive is born without the darkness inside of then until they choose to eat a worm. But what if some hive got away from their dark brothers and chose to worship the Light and to not eat a worm. Tell me what your thoughts are on this and feel free to add bits and pieces I missed


There is no way there could be ‘light’ hive. Hive are what happened when the proto-hive fused with the worms. There could have been a chance when the traveler came to oryx’s (aurysh at that time) homeworld and gave help to another species on the fundament. The only reason we have the light powers is because of ghosts, which were made during the traveler’s crippling.


I agree @TheTurtleMan. The term “Hive” is the name given to the proto-Hive species after they accepted the worm. At this point in their evolution, there is no evidence to suggest that a member of the Hive species is able to exist without their worm.


Well they are just normal proto hive before they eat a worn and officially become a hive

Could you provide evidence to substantiate that claim?

On that topic, what happens when new hive are born? I am not sure exactly what happens to make the hive babies, but are they born with worms or without?

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I’m not sure which grimour cards state it, I’m pretty sure toland said he saw hive devouring worms, also why else would there be wormkeepers.

In the books of sorrow when Oryx brought back the worms to his proto hive people and they turned into the hive we know today.

Hive are born without worms, worms are bred by wormkeepers and then eaten by hive.

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If you go to the dreadnought you can scan a worm it says that it’s a worm larve so if they are born with the worm why would there be worm larve on the loose?

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if there was hypothetically a light hive i don’t think it would really work, hive in general are bred from dead beings, the wizards or at least are assisted by their paracausal worms to permit breeding but i don’t think it would work.

Eris talks about the Heart of Crota and describes a scene where Hive are being spawned by or in concert with the torture and light-stripping of Omar. If her description is accurate, it appears that the birth of Hive is intimately connected with the Deep at this point.

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It’s a larval worm, not a Hive larva.

The Hive were born of a parasitical pact between their God Kings and the Worm gods. The species was known as the proto-Hive before the worm pact. Wizards are the only breeding females, and can self-fertilize if they wish.

The idea of a “Light” Hive is intriguing, but impossible as the Hive are a race molded by the Darkness, but a proto-Hive could accept the Light.


No, the hive could not.
BUT, the proto-hive (krill) is a completely different matter all together, as they are not hive so therefor could used the light if they were chosen by a ghost and became a guardian (speculation).

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