Could we talk to kabr/preadyth

Context: due to a greater majority of Vex units being connected, maybe the vault “remembers” preadyth
Idea: maybe you could kill a gate lord, take its memory core/milk box(apologies, I don’t know that much about Vex chassis’), hook it up to an exceedingly strong processor, then hook up that “computer” to a monitor and search for preadyth, kind of like how the Ishtar Collective did with specimen twelve.

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All in theory my friend. But I like your thinking.

Thank you for the support :slight_smile:

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What is specimen twelve? I haven’t heard of that. Could you link where it is from?

Ghost fragment Vex
Warlock artifact Specimen Twelve

From how I see it, specimen twelve was simulating the scientists who went into the vex network, not searching for something. I understand where you are coming from, and it does seem plausible that it could also be done for searching. It would probably be very hard due to the facts that the vex network is an alien technology, and the possibility that there won’t be a “search query” to look for a individual person/vex unit.

On another note, Kabr is most likely assimilated with the vex by now and may be beyond saving.

I’m not sure what happened to Preadyth, but (he/she) was most likely lost to the vault.

This could be possible but Preadyth may be dead during the taken war you findhis ghost and we know he is trapped in the vex system and if the have no use of him after the Taken war or Red war then the vex may have killed him.

Oof m8
Just imagine though

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