Crucible Warlock 10x Streak

Name: Crucible Warlock 10x Streak
Recorded: 2019.02.25


++ The Crucible

** The Guardian, as a Warlock, achieves a streak of 10 defeated opponents.

Shaxx: Who says Warlocks are better with books than with guns? OK… it was me. But I was lying. Rage is an excellent motivator.

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love this Shaxx quote

Indeed. I concur with this statement.

Wait… Should I transcript a titan we ran out of medals? Problem is I think that I didn’t have subtitles on. :persevere:

Go right ahead, you could look it up on YouTube or something

I have a clip, just don’t know if it was ok to do it without subtitles have to ask @DrJazzyBebop about it.

Ah. Righto. Personally I find Shaxx and Cayde to be my favorite characters (that we could regularly speak to). So more quotes are welcomed by me!

I think that the 25x killstreak is the only time I’ve seen Shaxx almost speechless.

Indeed. Shaxx is a good commentator and I wouldn’t mind if the entire game was narrated by him.

We require subtitles turned on for videos used for transcripts.

Dang. RIP that idea.

You could load up a private crucible match with a friend and they let you eliminate them until you get the medal (You still get medals in private matches right?). This time with subtitles on. :slight_smile: