Curiosity about the Jovians

So I’m curious. When I think of Jupiter I think big red spot (giant storm). Has any one who’s been on IO seen it? I’ve been looking for it since day one I’ve even sat there and walked around in the lost oasis and watched Jupiter cross the sky. And nothing no big red spot. So I ask why would they “hide” it? Maybe that’s where the nine are? Unless of course some one has seen it and I’m just unlucky like that.

Well maybe it’s not hidden we just can’t see it.

Fair point but what I’m saying is its weird that they wouldn’t put it on the side of Jupiter if for no other reason then it would look cool

Bungie’s planets don’t seem to revolve for some strange reason. You can always only see one side.

Most likely it would be a strain on the game to have that moving if ever so slowly. Besides the rotation of it would be slower than it’s moons so we still most likely wouldn’t see it. Or it would be there for only a few in game minutes.

Io is tidally locked so only one side ever faces Jupiter. I do not know if it is geosynchronous orbit however.