Current Leader of Cabal Empire

Does anyone know who now leads the Cabal Empire?
Calus is still out of power and on the Leviathan, which is technically his prison after the events of the Midnight Coup, but that still left Gaul at the rank Dominus which makes him essentially supreme military commander and leads all legions because the Cabal people don’t see him as worthy of the title of Emperor. That is why Ghaul goes to Sol to try and take the light so he will be seen as worthy of being Emperor because there was at the time no Emperor with Ghaul at war and Calus off eating planets.
What I want to know is who was left to run the day-to-day affairs of the empire and who will succeed Calus now that Ghaul and the Consul are dead.

Probably the next highest ranking leader in the cabal hierarchy, maybe a Red Legion sympathetic aristocrat on the Cabal home world

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I forgot where what lore tab I read it off. But I saw a reference to some of the Legions in D1 siding with Calus. He has the support, so in terms of the people he would be the leader. Especially with Ghaul dead.


But wouldn’t you then think that Calus would return to the Cabal homeworld to rule instead of staying on the Leviathan challenging Guardians.
Calus invited Guardians to the Leviathan to find powerful guardians to help him return to power.

As well other D2 lore tabs show a centurion who refers to both Calus and Ghaul as traitors and tat they owe allegiance to “the One True Emperor”

I thought Calus wanted to replace his Shadows with us. So he would have a personal elite force.

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That actually my well be true I think we will need to bring in a bigger loremaster than myself to solve this

we should get My Name is Byf in here

Quick someone link this to him

Any of the other Conspirators involved in the coup mentioned in the Collector’s Edition book are likely candidates of who would immediately take control after news of Ghaul’s death reached the empire:

  • Lictor Shayotet, the Emperor’s Protector

  • Freeborn Otzot, Psion Savant

  • Aedile Moli Imoli, the Everjoy

  • Evocate-General Umun’arath, Primus of All Legions

  • Iska’al of Fantor

  • Caiatl, the Princess-Imperial

Although there is a significant chance that Calus or another group would seek to take power from whoever first attains power.


Out of those options (which I would definitely believe it would be any member of them) I would think that they would decide to put Caiatl as Empress to keep up public relations since she is a member of the royal house since we know the populace was very much still with Calus, but feel fry to put up a better theory because I know that this isn’t that great of one.

You have to remember too most of them were killed by Calus’ men. The only ones he couldn’t kill was his daughter, the Consul and Ghaul.


I did not know that but that does help my thought that the princess would be placed on the throne

No one has seen her since Ghaul’s coup. Nobody knows where she is at. I don’t think she would be a figurehead.


Ok I officially have no idea who runs the Cabal

Lets just say a callus on some guardian’s foot probably runs them. Lmao :joy:

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