Curse of Osiris Trailer Vault of Glass

Okay, so I was looking at the new trailer that was dropped for the Curse of Osiris, and if you look at the trailer from 0:55 seconds onwards, you can see that the bullets from the Vex Slap Rifles aren’t actually moving if you slow down the video. This is especially seen at 1:04, where the is what looks like a Hunter that is shooting in the background, with Vex bullets, and they’re all completely frozen in time.

What if that Hunter is Pahanin, and that Osiris is travelling through the Vex timeline, and he ends up with the first Vault of Glass fireteam, and that as we go through the campaign, we do this too? What if we go back to events like the Great Disaster, the first raid on the Vault, the first Crota fireteam, etcetera? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems pretty suss that there is a Hunter completely out of place in the trailer, and they’re frozen. (Here’s the video link, just to make it easier for people


As much as I want back the pun/cephalopod lover Pahanin, sorry but Dredgen Yor took care of him a long time ago. It may be possible for us to travel back in time but now that I look at the video I understand what you’re getting at. I slowed down the video and saw that some of them are frozen, as well as the hunter.

If your theory ends up being true, I will make pun jokes for a month.


I will hold you to it


I noticed that too! :open_mouth:

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