Dark Future (Animated Lore)

My animated version of the Dark Future Lore, enjoy!
Would love some feedback. Cheers.


congrats and hey i have a huge theory. ana still lives so the dark future still is gonna happen…do you think im right or im just odd balling it?

Thanks man! That would definitely be a fun twist. I can certainly see certain parts of the Dark Future happening in the games main timeline, it will be interesting to see if Ana takes a similar role this time.

i want a dark end to it. i want to show the true evil of the traveler. look what he did to the fallen

It didn’t do anything to them personally. It is the creature of light and when the darkness came, along with Oryx and his legions of Hive and Taken it had to escape so it could revolutionize other societies and help them survive the darkness.

The light-bound Fallen do not hate the Traveller, and they understand. That poisonous thinking towards the Traveler is what drove Eramis to do what she did.