Darkness's Doorstep

Name: Darkness’s Doorstep
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPpZoqWbXtw
Recorded: 2020.12.1


** The Guardian and Ghost survey a Crux of Darkness on Europa’s surface.

Guardian: That’s another one. They all scan the same. Empty. Why did the Darkness invite us here? You’re quiet today.

Ghost: Yeah… It’s just… we keep coming face-to-face with Darkness, and every time, we fail to stop it. We’re just so… powerless. I’m picking up a distress signal. Someone’s in trouble.

** Ghost plays the transmission.

Variks: My friends. We are all in great danger.

Ghost: It’s… Variks?! He has a lot to answer for.

Variks: Darkness walks among us.

Ghost: I’ll send a message to let Zavala know.

Guardian: No, wait! Where is the signal coming from?

Ghost: Here… Europa.

++ Beyond, Europa

Ghost: I’ve tracked Variks’s distress signal beyond the ridge. We’d better hurry.

// NOTE If the player completed the Forsaken campaign.
Ghost: It was Variks, you know. He instigated the riot at the Prison of Elders. He’s equally responsible for Cayde’s death. The Vanguard’s been after him since. No wonder he’s hiding on a desolate moon.

// NOTE If the player is a New Light during Beyond Light.
Ghost: So, Variks traded the Prison of Elders for this? I guess if I had played a part in the murder of Cayde-6, I’d hide on a desolate moon myself.

** The Guardian heads towards the source of Variks’ signal.

Ghost: We’re close to the origin point of Variks’s distress signal.

** A Fallen Ketch and multiple Fallen Skiffs appear overhead.

Ghost: Those Fallen patrols are right where we’re going — the campsite! They must be after Variks too. Let’s hurry!

** The Guardian defeats the Fallen and enters the campsite.

Ghost: These Fallen have an unfamiliar House symbol. Who are we dealing with? Someone’s been staying here. There’s traces of… Darkness energy.

** Ghost scans a device inside a building at the campsite.

Ghost: It’s BrayTech. From Eventide — Clovis Bray’s Golden Age colony here on Europa. Whoever was here was using it to track Variks too. They must have intercepted the distress signal before we did. Okay, I’ve got the signal’s true origin point. It’s not far. Let’s hurry!

** The Guardian approaches a Fallen barrier and is ambushed by Fallen Skiffs blocking Variks’ signal. The Guardian defeats the Fallen, disables the Fallen barrier, and continues tracking Variks’ distress signal.

Ghost: Variks must have really done it this time. If we don’t get to him first, someone else will. If it’s not already too late. Wait — Darkness. It’s close. I feel it too, but… it’s different somehow.

** The Guardians heads towards the true origin point of Variks’ signal. Variks is shown surrounded by Eramis’ forces. Eramis approaches Variks and knocks him down.

Eramis: Not only a traitor, but a thief. Now, where is it?!

Variks: Safe from you, yes?

Eramis: Search the buildings. Find it.

** Eramis summons her dark power and traps Variks with Stasis.

Variks: Wait! Eramis… Old friend… These powers… they create chaos. They are changing you. This…

Eramis: Ha! Cling to your Machine God. With this power… we make our own fate.

** As Eramis turns away, Variks grasps her arm. Eramis turns back and forcibly detaches Variks’s mechanical, upper-right arm, crushing and tossing it aside.

Eramis: Always playing pretend. Living in the past. I should have seen it. Make an example of him.

** Eramis’ forces antagonize Variks.

Ghost: Variks should be just up ahead. There! That’s where Variks’ signal is coming from.

** The Guardian finds Variks surrounded by Fallen.

Variks: Help Variks, yes?!

** The Guardian fight against the Fallen near Variks.

Variks: Please, fire away from Variks!

** The Guardian defeats the Fallen.

Ghost: Wait a second — I’m picking up more chatter on the Fallen’s comms.

Eramis: Have them surround the perimeter. The snake does not leave here alive.

Phylaks: It will be done, Eramiskel.

Variks: Savior, hurry! You must free me!

** The Guardian frees Variks and he stumbles to the ground.

Variks: [wheezes in pain] Variks thanks you. [insect-like chattering] And now must hide.

Ghost: Not so fast. We heard your message: “Darkness walks among us.” What do you mean?

Variks: There is no time. They are coming! Variks asks for your protection once more. I will take shelter inside. Succeed, and Variks will reveal all.

** Fallen Skiffs descend upon the Guardian and summon a Brig. The Guardian defeats the Brig and the Fallen reinforcements.

Ghost: That’s the last of them.

Variks: Success, savior! Variks is truly grateful. [insect-like chattering]

Ghost: Then prove it. We expect answers.

Variks: Come to Variks, and you will have them. [insect-like chattering] But know that our work here has only just begun.

** The Guardian returns to Variks, an Eliksni Rebel.

Variks: You do not trust Variks, yes? But leave your distrust, your blame, for later. The Eliksni who attacked me — she is Eramis, the Shipstealer. A new Kell of Kells, unifier of the houses — and she seeks to build an army of Eliksni, powered by Darkness. [insect-like chattering] If she is not stopped, she will destroy us all. You must go! Variks will help you find your way.

// REFERENCE {interaction:Variks the Loyal Beyond Light 2}

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