Destiny 1 lore and Destiny 2 lore question

So when ever lore is brought up between my friends and I they always tell me that Bungie basically restarted the lore when D2 came out but I always say how all the lore In D1 is still canon and it wasn’t just wiped away. So I ask who’s correct here? The main argument they give is how the NPC’s talk as if we haven’t met which I still disagree with but I still believe we are still the same guardian from D1 and everything that happened still happened.

The narrative director at Bungie tweeted here the Grimoire is considered “folklore” in the Destiny universe.

Director Christopher Barrett considers the Grimoire to be “stories and tales” in this tweet.

Everything in D1 still happened because you can see your legacy when you first start up D2 if you are on the same console/profile as before. Players on PC are considered new guardians and are referred to as such in the game because D1 never released on PC. I think in some instances such as when Lord Saladin doesn’t recognize us as the Young Wolf is just shortsightedness on Bungie’s part.

thats really disapointing

The “folklore” statement wasn’t meant as a way to lessen the lore of Destiny 1 in any way. Barrett later clarified what he meant:

All that was meant - the entries in the Grimoire are written within the context of the game world by characters who might have individual opinions, perspective, or varying sources. They are bits of lore and legend.

To reuse something I said in March:

The “‘Folklore’ statement"[… is] an explanation for stories such as the Books of Sorrow or Palamon- they cannot be taken completely as fact, because their narrators are unreliable and prone to forgetting, if not outright omitting, information.

The phrase was never meant to imply that Destiny’s canon was being erased, but that, in the way we receive this information, some of our ‘facts’ may be partially or totally incorrect, and we may later find out new information that contradicts older lore. As Savathûn says in XLI: Dreadnaught:

I will prepare for long voyages — [I am Savathûn, insidious]
Into the war — [I graffiti this notice for you]
Into the Deep — [These Books are full of lies!]