Destiny 1 Text Compilations

About 3-4 months ago, I went back to D1 before Season of Arrivals began to collect a TON of sources for what I refer to as the “Texts” of Destiny — information from an NPC, or Vendor, that is not spoken but mentioned when starting/completing a Quest Step. I transcribed and compiled everything into Google Docs so that anyone could publicly view them. Check them out below.

Here’s a few things you should know about these Docs and Sources:

  • Half of these sources were completely recorded by me from the Y3 versions of these Quests

  • Half of these sources were taken from other Content Creators’ videos (links within)

    • Timestamps were noted in the drafts (seperate docs): if people like, I can add them back to these final drafts

    • Not all Quests have a starting Item or Step, but are stand alone/one-source text

  • I linked Quest Steps to guide you through the Quest’s sections (like you would on Destiny Tracker or Destiny Wiki)

    • These links also provide more info about the Quests if you’d like a refresher or more info
  • The Crucible-specific Quests from Y1 are not complete

    • I’m continuing to search for these, but I’ve been coming up short time and time again… no idea when it’ll be finished… any help would be appreciated

There are a few (long, grindy) Quests I have not finished due to Season of Arrivals and Content Vaulting priorities, but I have some notes about them in the meantime:

  • 2 More Faction Exotic Quests to Complete: New Monarchy and Future War Cult

  • Raze-Lighter: Same descriptions as Bolt-Caster and Dark-Drinker, but with [Soliton Flares]

  • Immobius, Fabian Strategy, Stillpiercer, and Ace of Spades all share the same text as Susanoo and Tlaloc, and the Items’ Quotes are the same as well

I’ll get around to completing this eventually - no guarantees on those Crucible quests though. I’ve looked through these more than I’d like to admit, so if there are any typos/errors, please let me know and I’ll update them. I hope this is useful for some of y’all. :slight_smile:


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