Destiny 2 - Arecibo Discussion - Lore and Theories

This video pretty much describes my take on the Arecibo Adventure Quest. I broke down each phrase the Ghost said and have deduced that someone was warning us of the Traveler before it arrived. However, we lacked the proper technology to decipher the message.

I explain more in the video. What are your thoughts in this matter?

Ghost does not say that the message from the music box was sent before the Traveler’s arrival, he only says that the music and the quote within the message predate the Traveler. Considering that the warmind symbol is on the music boxes, it seems highly likely that it is one of the warminds who sent the messages, although we cannot be sure yet if they were sent by Rasputin or possibly another warmind.

Also the Fallen we encounter in Destiny 2 are from the House of Dusk, not the House of Judgement, although it’s possible that they have connections with the House of Judgement.


During the quest, you find out that the message was sent before the Traveler’s arrival in our solar system.

Jazzy has already made note of this, but it’s not the message that was sent pre-Golden Age. The quote is this:

“So it turns out, both the music and the quotation, predate the Traveler’s arrival in this solar system. They’re old.”

This, paired with the fact that the boxes use the Warmind logo and that one file was updated in real-time, point towards an active presence. Additionally, Rasputin has in the past used old music and quotations in our interactions with him. He’s referenced both The Brothers Karamazov and Anna Karenina in the past, both being pre-Golden Age.

Remember, Rasputin is fragmented according to the lore.

Where is it said that Rasputin is “fragmented”? He was assumed dead, yes, but that is not synonymous with fragmentation. It’s said that the network fragmented, but Rasputin was not the only Warmind in the network.

[The Cabal] are running away from something, which is most likely the Darkness.

We don’t know why the Cabal are on their crusade, aside from cultural significance. It was speculated in Destiny 1 that they were fleeing something, but that’s one Ghost’s guess. It’s possible, certainly, but far from confirmed.

The only thing [the Vex] can’t simulate is our Light.

They also can’t simulate Warminds, which is how the Ishtar Collective managed to escape the Vex simulation they found themselves in:

ESI: …we call for help.

SUNDARESH: That’s right. We bring in someone smarter than the specimen. Someone too big to simulate and predict. A warmind.

SHIM: In the real world, the warmind will be able to behave in ways the Vex can’t simulate. It’s too smart. The warmind may be able to get into the Vex and rescue - us.

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I did not know we were fighting the House of Dusk. That answered one of my questions. Thank you.

Also, I thought the message was sent a long time ago, because when I looked into the quotes, I understood that someone was warning us about the Traveler. Because everything hit the fan when the Traveler arrived and the Darkness came. If the Darkness came first things would’ve been different. The message could’ve been sent to one of the Warminds, especially because of the last transmission. But how could the Warminds do that to the Vex? Someone, or something (Maybe a Warmind), is screwing with the Vex somehow.

I’m getting goosebumps about it.

The video was mainly speculation and my own opinion. Also, Ikora said during one of the missions on Io that Rasputin was fragmented. I did the mission the other day. Perhaps I understood it the wrong way.

For the Cabal, to me, that’s the strongest possibility. It’s more of a theory, but it makes sense.

I didn’t know that the Vex couldn’t simulate the Warminds. That would make sense as to how the Vex were messed up throughout the Adventure Quest, but I feel like someone else is doing it. Especially because of the last transmission.

This quest must somehow connect to the DLC coming next Spring. I honestly think, after thinking for some time, that Ana Bray, or someone related to the Bray’s is alive and is trying to bring back the network. It’s only an idea but that would be interesting.

Thank you for your insight.

That quote is probably the one from Fury:

Ikora: There is only one Warmind, but Rasputin is not here on Io. I believe he’s been marooned on Earth ever since his network fragmented.

Though it seems to be referring to the network itself instead of Rasputin, given that he assumed control of the other Warmind’s (namely Charlemagne’s) facilities in D1. Ghost says that the entire network fragmented in one of the JYS-2 scans; Rasputin himself, while still in hiding, seems to be alive and well, just stuck with little way to access anyone outside of- potentially- some music boxes.

It’s been said before, but Ana Bray is perma-dead. She was mentioned in the Paradox questline:

“And now … what? A ring, with the symbol of the Warlock Pujari? Death, again. Like Ana Bray, a Guardian fallen to the second death. Lost to us. We shall study these objects, Guardian. Learn why they have been pulled through time.”

There are other Brays, but none have been named as Guardians besides her.

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I assumed Rasputin took control of the other Warmind’s given his current condition. I completely forgot that she died but hopefully they’ll reveal more information about her and perhaps ant other Brays given the insignia for the expansion in Spring.

Fingers crossed.

You’re welcome! As far as I’m aware the name “House of Dusk” isn’t actually mentioned anywhere in game, not even in one of the ghost scans. Apparently the name comes from the Destiny Strategy Guide. Bit strange, in my opinion, that the name of the Fallen house in D2 isn’t mentioned at all in game, unlike the Fallen houses in D1.

I’m not sure the quotes are meant to be warning us about the Traveler, but then again I could just be misunderstanding why these particular quotes were chosen for the messages. The last one in particular could be the message sender warning us not to expect help from them. Or it could mean something else entirely and I could be on the wrong track.

Even if the messages are warning us about the Traveler, this still doesn’t rule out the messages being sent after the Traveler’s arrival. The messages contain quotes and music that are human in origin. This suggests that it is highly likely that the messages were sent either by a human(s) or by an entity created by humans, such as a warmind AI. Yet humans did not know about the Traveler until they first detected its presence in the solar system (see the Ghost Fragment: Human card). How could someone give a warning about the Traveler when they didn’t even know it existed?

Furthermore, we find the music boxes with the messages on Io, yet the Traveler didn’t start terraforming Io until late in the Golden Age. Io was the last place the Traveler visited prior to the Collapse, as mentioned in the Ghost Fragment: Cayde-6 card. Humanity began to travel out towards the stars during the Golden Age, when the Cosmodrome was built, as described in the Old Russia card. The message could only have been left on Io after humanity had first reached Io, and that wouldn’t have been until during the Golden Age, after the Traveler arrived.

I took the approach of how the original Arecibo was done. Think of it like this. If something from outside our solar system sent a message about something that is coming and not to take its gift, what sign would be more obvious than a giant ball of light that gave humanity knowledge. I believe someone was warning us about the Traveler because of what comes after it.

I may be wrong but the way the messages are is rather strange which is why I assumed it was someone else from long ago. Also, us getting an instant reply doesn’t sound that strange to me. It’s like receiving a text from someone who messaged you over a year ago and you decided to reply. Sure they might be pissed, but it’s the thought that counts.

If someone wanted to warn us about the Traveler before it arrived, then why leave a message on Io, a place that humans did not access until many years after the Traveler arrived? Why not send a message to Earth, where humanity was mainly located prior to the Traveler’s arrival? And if you wanted to send a warning about the Traveler, then why send a message in such a cryptic format and not even mention the Traveler or anything that sounds like it describes the Traveler?

The second message our guardian received included, as Ghost says, an “audio file that was just updated”. This means that only the first message, with the quote, “Real things in the darkness seem no realer than dreams” would have been originally sent. All the messages after this were sent after our guardian received the first message. So, if someone was indeed trying to warn us about the Traveler, then the only message they originally sent was the one with this darkness quote. But there isn’t anything in this quote that clearly spells out that it’s a warning, much less that it’s a warning about the Traveler.

More importantly, our guardian and our ghost were the only ones who first heard the music that led them to the music boxes. When our ghost asks Asher if he hears anything strange on Channel J-1869, he responds that he “doesn’t hear anything on any of my scanners”. Combine this with the fact that the audio files updated in real time in response to our guardian receiving the first message and this strongly suggests that our guardian is the one who the message is intended for. If someone was trying to send a warning about the Traveler, why would they only send this warning to a guardian who would have been resurrected by their ghost many hundreds of years after the Traveler arrived? Not to mention that if they were trying to warn us about the Darkness that follows the Traveler, then they sent their message hundreds of years too late, long after the Darkness had arrived and the Collapse had occurred.

It is not entirely clear at this stage what the purpose of these messages are, or why whoever sent them, be it a warmind or someone/something else, is trying to communicate with our guardian. Nevertheless, for all the reasons I have pointed out, it is highly unlikely that these messages were sent prior to the Traveler’s arrival as a warning about the Traveler.

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Hopefully, we’ll find out soon because that quest to me is a big clue or something.

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