Destiny 2 best lore story

Which of Destiny 2(D1 excluded because of BoS) you find the best/most interesting/most groundbreaking etc.
Mine is Truth to Power

I have to pick Marasenna, The Awoken of the Reef, and The Dreaming City because they are really one narrative.

Truth to Power as well

Last Word Saga, old story and new lore as well.


i agree with Cayde, The Last Word story was amazing that and the Forsaken story, when we go after the Barons. (Those Bastards)

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I always enjoy a good read of the books of sorrows (not a book but I consider it a “lore story”) and the entire lore behind shin and yor is pretty nice too, also I may be the only one but Calus’s story I found enjoyable

Man, sorry but BoS banned in this post because of it’s quality…

its not that bad… unless its changed which would be rather strange, are you talking about the accuracy of it?

Man, it’s too good…

damn fucking right it is

I don’t know if this counts as a ‘lore story’, but I love the Jade Rabbit and the Two Tailed Fox lore :laughing:

Overflowing power. Kitsune!

That’s right! I love that weapon just for the Kitsune part.

But, to put on my serious face, I think Marasenna and the Awoken of the Reef are my favorite lore books, especially since they have a personal connection to my main (he’s Awoken).

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