Destiny 2: Captain Jacobson (Deep Lore/Speculation)

So there’s going to be a new character in Destiny 2! His name is Captain Jacobson, and he is the captain of the crashed Exodus ship that we see on Nessus. There is a lot of lore around the topic, so let’s get started.

Jacobson’s mission was to take the SIVA aboard Exodus Black, get as far away from Earth as he could, and attempt to seed life on other planets (I don’t how but that’s not the point). However, with the arrival of the Darkness, his ship crashed into a planetoid that we all know about called Nessus. It is assumed that he died of injuries and not of the crash.

Now we get to the interesting part.

While dying, Jacobson was observed by some ‘machines’. We should probably assume that the machines are Vex, due to the fact that Nessus is their planet. However, we can’t be too sure. In Jacobson’s dying state, he might have thought that they were machines, and they might not have even been Vex. Anyway, these machines decided to save him, and ‘placed’ or ‘downloaded’ his consciousness to a robot.

This is might be irrelevant, but there is another piece of information: Robot Jacobson cannot properly talk, and he shouts phrases at random from his old human form.


Now we get to lore. The first tidbit that we should discuss is Exosus Black. As I stated in a different post (linked here), I originally thought that Exodus Black was not Malahayati’s ship. Now, I think that here is the proof for it.

Malahayati had no crew members aboard when boarding “going to the stars.” There was SIVA everywhere where there was space was made available. However, all of the Exodus ships had some SIVA inside of them, if not as much as Malahayati’s.

Another thing we can pull out from this is the question of the Failsafe ‘Warmind’. My Name is Byf made a video where he talks about “Deep Space Warminds” (off to find the video). These warminds were constructed in space, and then occasionally launched to human colonized planets. This is highly speculative, but what if Failsafe was brought to Nessus by Jacobson?

Now, the last bit of lore for this post. As I stated above, ‘robots’ reanimated Jacobson’s consciousness into a robot. When I stated that the first thing that came to mind was Vex, I was wrong. By means that I know of, Vex can only create other Vex, by making them drink Radiolorian Fluid (best example is Kabr, forming the Aegis in the process). Also, Vex do not talk. The moan, sputter, and explode, but do not talk. So when it states that Robot Jacobson talks, that kind of eliminated Vex from my mind.

The only other potential thing that could bring him back, is SIVA. Exodus Black did have SIVA, as stated above. And we all know from Rise Of Iron that people can be reanimated from it as well (we see this from the last story mission where you fight the SIVA Iron Lords).

I’ll leave you on that, Guardians. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we’ll meet again for Destiny 2.

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The above was the original post, but there is a video accompanying it. Small problem: it’s in Russian. Anyway, here’s the video.

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So the first thing I want to say is we don’t have any confirmation that any Exodus Ship aside from one carried SIVA. Also we see multiple dead humans on Nessus.

Onto the topic of Failsafe, she’s the Exodus Black ship AI.

As for “robots that reanimated him” I’d say the ONLY possibility would be SIVA, but as far as we are aware at that point in time SIVA hadn’t gone rampant so it would seem more likely that it found a new host and that host used it imo. But like with the SIVA returned Lords all that we heard from them was a quote from their past life that Jolder most likely shouts to Saladin

I’ve seen this mentioned, but what’s the source for this?

IGN First, there’s a mission which mentions it in the text for it

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Where is the source for Jacobson?

What source do you need?

Any source, since the reddit post is gone.

I see. I used it yesterday. I’ll try to get another one out soon.

Here is one from gameplayinginfo:

http://gameplaying.inf/one-of-the-key-roles-in-the-plot-destiny-2-voiced-anton -belyaev-vocalist-there-maitz/

So this was all released by IGN First and reddit users?

I managed to find a cached version of the Reddit post Here’s the text. I’m not sure why it was deleted.


No, this was released on a YouTube interview, and then Reddit posted it.

Oh cool didn’t know that.

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