Destiny 2 Ishtar clan


It seems like clans are going to be a more important part of the game in Destiny 2 than they were for Destiny, so I wondered how many of you would be interested in joining an Ishtar Collective-themed Destiny 2 clan?

Please fill in this poll, and bear in mind that you can only be in one clan! :slight_smile:

  • If an Ishtar Collective clan existed I would join it right now
  • I might join one in the future/it depends
  • I already have a clan/I would not join an Ishtar Collective clan

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If I do join the clan (which I definitely will) it’ll probably be late.
Once you make it I mean.


I’ve already got one. Wish I could join two. :frowning:


You hear that Bungie? Make double clans a thing in Destiny 2!


I had a discussion with @AnonPig, @Cpt_Kex, @PurpleChimera and @normalnorman and we’ve put together a clan called “227 Simulated Scientists” :smile:

It’s currently open to anyone, so please feel free to join! :grin:


(Ping @SleepyAwoken @Phoenixfiend @RedRenegade @The_Darkness :smiley: )


I’m going to have to create a new microsoft account, because the old one still has permissions nonsense. That or I’ll have to wait to join until I’m home in October. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’d love to be in a clan with you guys!
But is the name still up for debate?:sweat_smile:


I would gladly join! I was actually going to ask if something like this was a thing


You don’t like “227 Simulated Scientists”?


I think it’s okay, and I could get used to it.
But I’m just thinking of the POSSIBILITIES!
So many amazing clan names!
A few off the top of my head: Lore Masters, The Ishtar Collective (Best one), Ahamkara, and many more if we take the time to think of it!
Can you please consider these? :smiley:


Almost all of these are already taken… :confused:


How can you check if they’re taken?


Same here…:cold_sweat:


And I have joined! Super excited to be playing with you guys!


I think if I make a new account I’m probably going to go back to level 1…


dang… i would definitely join if i could. i’m an admin for mine and we have 28 strong so far. i wish the ishtar clan all the best! :smiley:


Okay, me and a friend will join!


The website does not work for me and the search doesnt work on the app. Would you be so kind as to send me a direct invite? Gamertag wolfsmith9


I’ve finally joined the clan!