Destiny 2 Subclass Perk Tree Expansion Concept

Destiny 2 Perk Tree expansion concept

These concepts are just stupid me ideas I have for all the subclasses in Destiny 2. Because every time I look the subclass “skill tree” I see the gap in between them and feel like there should be a third option for all of us guardian, and these are what I though could/should be there.

Sentinel; -Code of the Conqueror
<melee ability: (force of reckoning)upon killing an enemy with melee they will detonate, damaging nearby foes and drops an orb of light.
<Super Perk:(return fire)guarding with your shield deflects incoming projectiles in the direction of your redical.
<Super perk:(shatter moral)shied throw instead of ricocheting, explodes on impact and suppresses nearby enemies.
<character ability:(unyielding march) while sprinting, gain a forward shield. (Juggernaut shield from D1)

Hammer of Sol; Code of the Untamed
<melee ability: (Shine Twice) shoulder charge that leaves behind a solar grenade for a short duration.
<grenade ability:(sundering flame) grenades weaken enemy defenses, allowing increased damage.
<attribute: (Corona) while using super you are cloaked in flame that burns nearby enemies.
<super ability:(solar flare) upon hammer impact, fire bolts strike nearby enemies.

Striker; Code of the Comet
<melee ability: (ionizing fist) killing an enemy with this ability, grants an overshield that will do damage to nearby enemies. Duration 10sec.
<barrier attribute: (Unstable bonds) charges barriers with arc energy, at the cost of durability. Causes arc pulse when destroyed.
<super attribute: (momentum) increases sprint speed and mobility while using super.
<super ability:(force of nature) shoulder strike while using super causes an shockwave damaging nearby enemies.[increased ability cost]

Arcstrider; Way of the Olympian
<melee ability: (Herculean Blow) striking an enemy will knock with great force, and killing that enemy will recharge melee ability.
<attribute:(Hermes Hast) kills grant speed and slide distance increase, stacks up to 3 times.
<super attribute:(javelin)[grenade bind] throw your staff and activate ability again to teleport to the javelins location. [must strike traversable terrain first]
<Super ability: (Zeus’ Will) [heavy attack bind] strike the ground and call a lightning strike to damage nearby enemies (like landfall).

Gunslinger; Way of the Stranger
<melee ability: (Painted knife) knife throw now deals damage over time and marks enemie.
<attribute: (Hidden Trap) trip mines do not glow for your enemies.
<super attribute: (heavy load) nearby enemies are set on fire when you fire your golden gun.
<super ability: (molten rounds)precision kills with the golden gun creates a shot that hits the nearest enemy.

Nightstalker; Way of the Slayer
<melee ability:(shrapnel bomb) throw a smoke bomb that disorients and slows enemies. Has a larger radius.
<attribute:(breathing room) gain damage bonus after dodging for 5seconds.
<Super attribute: (Multishot) Fires three Shadowshot arrows at once in a horizontal arc.
<Super ability:(Dragonsnare) Enemies caught in multiple tethers take multiplied damage. And destroying tether points causes explosion cause massive damage.

Dawnbreaker; Attunement of Star
<melee ability: (emission nebula) burns target and nearby enemies, killing target increases burn damage.
<attribute:(shooting star) sprinting greatly reduces ability cool-down and slowly charges super.
<super ability:(collapsing star) upon super activation near by enemies are drawn to you.
<Super ability:(torrent) increases Daybreak projectile speed and reduces projectile drop.

Voidwalker; Attunement of Malice
<melee ability: (Degenerate Pressure) force your target to collapse in on themselves turning them into a proximity mine.
<attribute: (void scar) wells now imbue you weapon with void damage, and deal void damage to enemies who stand in it.
<super attribute: (fatigue) enemies damaged by this super ability are slowed.
<Super ability: (Null Embrace) Fire out five large void darts out in a broad arc. Attaching to enemies beefier erupting in a void explosion.

Stormcaller; Attunement of Emission
<melee ability: (anchored storm) throw a arc soul familiar that will act as a stationary turret.
<attribute: (Conduction) being within the effects of your grenade abilities grants decreased ability cooldown and minor super ability charge.
<super attribute: (Energy siphon) kills during your supers activation prolongs it’s duration.
<Super ability: (The Great Pillar) in place of Stormtrance you call down a pillar of arc energy that will shock nearby enemy es and fire arc bolts at further targets. Can take damage and be dispelled.