Destiny book The Spider's Web (Part 1)

I have written an entire Destiny fan creation book. I posted this up a while ago with a link to the google docs it was in but after awhile I just decided to put it in here in full. Hope you enjoy.

{[11-04-4518]}------{[2 months after the death of Cayde-6]}

So… here I am. To be honest I don’t know why I’m writing all of this down. The Cryptarchs have already documented everything that I’m about to tell you, but I need something to do. My name is Jason Kretz, I am a guardian of The Last Safe City (specifically I’m a Titan) and defender of the last bits of humanity in general. I’m about 7’2" and weigh 295 lbs. Before you judge me for that number remember muscle is denser than fat and I’m like 85% muscle. (probably an exaggeration but who cares, point is I’m swole as hell). I got a black wave haircut and a neat little goatee to go with it. I used to be part of the Order of the Sunbreakers before Ghaul showed his ugly face and blew the city to hell and murdered the rest of my friends in the Order. After that one guardian (can never remember their name) returned the favor to Ghaul I stayed with the city. Sunbreakers tend to stay away from the city and stick together as a pack, but to my knowledge I am the last living original Sunbreaker so THAT wasn’t an option. After moving in I met some other guardians who I am very good friends with today. One of my friends is a Warlock named Olivia Riceson. She was my neighbor when I moved into the Tower and she invited me to hit the Crucible with her and her friend Rick Charleson (who is another Titan). The three of us have been really close friends since then. Olivia and Rick both look like characters out of some old golden age comic books I found. Olivia looks almost EXACTLY like Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man, and Rick looks similar to Steve Rogers. Only difference is that Rick has a bit of a southern draw to his accent which makes him “Captain 'Murica”. What’s funny about Rick is that he is actually a Sentinel Titan so he has the purple shield thing like Steve Rogers. The only thing that sets Olivia apart from being an identical clone of MJ Watson is that her skin is slightly darker than Mary Jane’s. (emphasis on slightly). Come to think of it I kind of look like Tony Sark because of the wave haircut and goatee The 3 of us have been really good friends for about a year. Life was good, victories on Mercury and Mars brought on by the same guardian who killed Ghaul brought us renewed hope for the future. Then it happened. Uldren Sov. The brother to the Queen of the Reef, recently thought to be dead. He engineered a breakout at the Prison of Elders to break some ultra psychotic mutant Fallen called the Scorn out of prison. During the breakout the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 responded and brought another guardian with him to check it out. Uldren shot Cayde and killed him. It was a shock to everyone, I had only known Cayde for about a year and it still shook me. It shook everyone in the City. The guardian who went with Cayde that day swore revenge on Uldren. Fast forward about another week or so and Uldren is dead. Most of the Scorn he broke out of prison are dead as well but that’s not where this story begins to start picking up (at least the story I’m going to tell you). It starts with a Fallen the guardian met while on his path for vengeance. A Fallen, named The Spider.

The Spider was a Fallen who had long gone undetected by the Reef authorities due to a pact made between him and the Queen where the Queen would turn a blind eye to his activities if he protected a sacred Awoken sight called The Dreaming City. The Spider had his grubby claws in almost everything. Drugs, weapons, Hitmen, sometimes he even went into shit involving the City. Curious about his dealings I decided to pay him a visit. Olivia and Rick came with me mostly because they had nothing better to do at the moment. The 3 of us talked with The Spider for about an hour discussing his dealings, prices he had placed on rival mob bosses, and just general talk about life. It was when we were leaving that the story gets juicy.

The 3 of us where walking out of The Spiders compound when I realized my wallet had fallen out of my pocket while we were sitting down to talk. Knowing that that place was a cesspool of scum and villainy I went back in to find it. As I was about to round the corner I heard two voices, one was The Spider’s the other was a man named Howe who was a inventory manager for Dead Orbit in The City. I walked in mid conversation but luckily it was right at the right time.

Howe:“Did you say number eighty-nine on manifesto Dove-15?”

Spider:“I do not believe I stuttered”

Howe:“But that’s… it’s so old. Pre-golden age we think. Linda’s best guess is that it was part of a moving art exhibit”.

Spider:“You tell me nothing that I do not already know”.

Howe:“but…, why do you want it”?

Spider:“All you need to know is how much I will pay you if you bring it to me”.

Howe:“All right. Give me a hundred hours”.

Spider:“You have forty”.

That was when he ended the call. He began the process of wiping it from the records when he noticed me standing there. “How much of that did you hear?” he asked. “You have forty hours”. I said. “That’s it?” he asked. “Yes”. “Good. What are you back in here for”? “My wallet fell out of my pocket while I was in here earlier”. “Look for it and get out”. I found the wallet and left.

When I got back to my ship I told Olivia and Rick about what I had overheard. Olivia seemed surprised while Rick was just skeptical. “Are you sure the man he was talking to was named Howe”? he asked. “Yeah, the Caller ID said Howe:Dead Orbit.” He frowned. “That’s a problem then. Howe and I are good friends, he’s an inventory manager at Dead Orbit. If he’s working for The Spider then we have a problem”. he said. Olivia then asked “Should we pay him a visit”? “No. I think our best bet is to wait until Howe gets here and see what he’s bringing The Spider”. he said. “Alright. So what do you guys want to do for forty hours”? I said. “Eh, I don’t know about you but I’m gonna go take a nap”. Rick said". “Alright, I’m gonna go see if I can find some of The Spider’s bounties he told us about. If he’s doing something fishy it might be a good idea to get on his good side before we do anything. Olivia, you wanna come with”? “Sure, let me grab my bow.” she said. “Alright I’ll meet you outside”.

We can fast forward past that part. We went out killed some guys The Spider had put bounties on and returned to him to get paid for it. Nothing special, just some glimmer and assorted pieces of armor crafted by the armorsmiths he has working for him. We each took turns staying at the ship waiting for Howe to arrive. Around 38 hours after I overheard the call that Howe had arrived. Rick spotted out his ship and we followed him inside. Olivia had the idea to crawl through the vents. Rick couldn’t do so because his armor was to bulky but I was able to get in so I told my Ghost to feed Rick’s live video of what we were doing. The two of us started crawling along the vents following Howe into the Spider’s chambers holding a piece of art preserved in a glass case. When he got to the spider he handed the art to one of The Spider’s men. Howe then proceeded to ask "Alright I did what you asked, now where’s my money’? The Spider responded by saying. “Your money is right here” and pulled out a gun and shooting Howe three time in the chest. “Get this corpse out of my chambers and then leave me with the artifact”. The guards did as they were told and soon it was just the Spider sitting in on his chair with the artwork.

We watched as he got up and pushed a button on the wall. His chair recessed into the wall to reveal a hidden passageway. As he made his way down Olivia and I dropped out of the vent and followed him down. As he was walking he was singing an ancient earth song that Olivia identified as “Mo Li Hua”, an ancient Earth song from before the golden age. Finally he reached a room lined with shelves, and on the shelves were multiple pieces of artwork. Display cases filled with gold and silver crowns, another case contains is filled with red clay pottery adorned with monsters and heroes. He eventually reaches a wall filled not with shelves, but with art. He places the piece Howe brought to him on the wall and steps back. “The Starry Night. Beautiful isn’t it? And it was created without any of that Traveler nonsense or the accursed Light.”& he says. He then speaks at a louder volume. “What do you think Jason”? he then turns around and sees the two of us. “Oh, not just Jason but Olivia too. A word of advice you two, when breaking in don’t use the vents, I could have heard you two banging around in there from the other side of the shore”.

It was then that I rose from my crouched position and pulled my Tigerspite on him. “You… You better have a DAMN good explanation for all of this. What even is this? And what the FUCK are you doing with Pre-Golden Age Human art?” I said. He just looked at me and gave a low chuckle, “I told you earlier during our meeting that I am a collector of sorts. I hold a particular fascination for Human artifacts. My people had your Traveler at one point and it lead us to ruin. We lost everything. Our culture, our heritage, our way of life. You humans are lucky. You still have buildings and artwork and pieces of history that remain. We Eliksni lost EVERYTHING! As a result I have grown rather fascinated with your lives Pre-Traveler. I simply wanted to know what life was like without that cursed Traveler hanging over the sky”. he said. Olivia then said “So you resorted to stealing. You also told us during that meeting that you were different from most Fallen. I see no difference. The Fallen we fight are liars and thieves, you claim to be different but your the same as the rest as your kind”. “This is true yes, but when I said that I meant it in the sense of beliefs. The Eliksni are scattered throughout the system clawing their way toward a Traveler that left them for dead. I gave up that life the minute I murdered my Kell and took command of his forces. If the Eliksni continue to pursue a god who has forsaken them then there will be only more pain and suffering”. he said. It was at this point that Rick decided to break my eardrums and scream into the comms “THAT DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE FUCKING RIGHT TO STEAL PRECIOUS ARTIFACTS YOU SON OF A BITCH”! “Ow, Rick don’t scream into my ear like that, and besides he doesn’t hear you” I said. "Am I NOT ON SPEAKER PHONE!? PUT ME ON SPEAKER PHONE! " I put him on speaker phone and he repeated what he said. “And what would you suggest I do instead”? The Spider asked. “I don’t know maybe SHARE your fucking knowledge with us?! We are just as clueless as you when it comes to our own fucking past”! he said. “Ok. Rick while I do agree with you tone it down with the language ok”? I said. "Bitch fucking please, I’ll say whatever the (I will not repeat what he said next) I WANT TO THIS ASSCLOWN!” he said. “Jesus Christ Rick.” Olivia said with a grimace on her face. “EVERYONE SHUT UP!” I yelled. “Spider. You have been stealing pieces of our history for months possibly years, but we are putting our foot down here and now. It. Stops. Now” I said. “Is that really?” he said. “And what are you going to do with my collection? Bring it to the City? Where it risks being destroyed if another Red War esq event takes place? It is safer with me here.” he said. “All right fine. I’ll give you that. At least let us take it to the Cryptarchs for analyzation. This is OUR history and we want to learn more.” I said. “No. This collection has taken me a long time to acquire. How can I trust that you won’t just take it and never bring it back? If there’s one thing I have learned from analyzing your history it’s that Humans could never keep their word on anything.” he said. Olivia made a face and said “Your judging all of humanity off of a few morons. That’s not fair to the rest of us.” She said. The Spider looked at the two of us and said “You know what? We’re done talking.” he looked past us and yelled “GUARDS!” and his men (or Fallen rather) started rushing in.

“Throw these two in the dungeon, and get their friend in their ship outside!” he said. His guards started closing in, but the two of us weren’t going to go quietly. I pointed my weapon away from The Spider and started firing at his men. Olivia pulled out her Pulse Rifle and started hammering away at them with me. Rick started yelling over the comms “I’ll be in in a minute. Hold on!” “NO! Stay with the ship! Don’t let them get anywhere near it!” I said. “Alright fine. Get outside as fast as you two can.” he said. Olivia then said with a bit of a sarcastic tone “Do we have any other options genius?” “Oh shut up”. He said. “Olivia! Use your Stormtrance! Clear us a path!” I yelled. “On it!” She summoned her light and began blasting away at The Spider’s men. The Spider started yelling “DON’T LET THEM LEAVE! WHOEVER CAPTURES THEM GETS DOUBLE THEIR CURRENT PAY!” His men snarled and launched a new volley of attacks at us. It didn’t help. Even though Olivia’s Stormtrance had worn off I had whipped out my maul and started whaling on them. By the time we got outside Rick was out there in our ship firing at The Spider’s ships, whose pilots were bobbing and weaving frantically to avoid his weapons. I yelled into the comms “RICK! SET HER DOWN! WE’RE LEAVING!” “I’m on my- (I heard a crunching sound) SONS OF BITCHES! YOU’LL FUCKING PAY FOR THAT! (two explosions followed by Rick laughing) HA HA HAA RUN YOU LITTLE FOUR ARMED (Unrepeatable)! AIN’T SO TOUGH ARE YOU LITTLE FUCKS HUH?! “RICK! LANGUAGE!” I yelled. “Yeah yeah I’m comin around to grab ya.” he said. “HURRY!” Olivia yelled. By the time Rick had swung back around he had at least five ships on his tail and was being showered in laserfire. As he swung in to grab us one of the pursuing ships got a lucky shot off, on his engine. The ship exploded into flames. “RICK! RICK TALK TO ME!” I yelled. I saw his Ghost land next to me. It immediately floated up and resurrected him. He was still in a position as if he was still sitting in the pilot seat of the ship screaming “DIE YOU LITTLE- wait what? Where did the ship go?” “RICK GET UP! MOVE!” Olivia yelled at him. “Wait, what the-- MOTHER FUCKING ASSHATS! I’M GONNA MURDER EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM IN THEIR FUCKING SLEE–” I cut him off. “RICK SHUT UP! WE AREN’T IN A POSITION TO BE MAKING DEATH THREATS RIGHT NOW! “Right. Run now, Sadistic and possibly psychotic murder later.” he said. “Alright. NOW MOVE!” I yelled.

We started running with The Spider’s men chasing after us. We ducked into a building the Scorn used to use as a garage. Luckily enough there were still a couple pikes left. Our Sparrows were on the ship when it blew up so we took the pikes and drove off. We drove from The Spider’s compound in Thieves Landing, all the way to the edge of Four Horn Gulch when the pikes ran out of fuel. By then The spider’s men had stopped chasing us so we ditched the pikes and started walking. Eventually we found a cave and we hid out in the cave for the night. We took turns on watch so we could get some sleep. The next morning Olivia pulled out some spare rations and we ate a small breakfast while discussing our next move. “We could try to contact the Tower. Tell Zavala what we saw.” Rick suggested. “Can’t. I tried while I was on watch, Spider has every frequency blocked. Even the non Vanguard ones.” Olivia said. “Alright. Let’s go find a cabal transmitter or something.” He said. “Do you speak Cabal Rick? Not an option.” I said. “Well… I have an idea. It’s absolutely crazy and could take us days.” Olivia said. Rick and I both looked at her and said in unison “What?” “We could try and get to The Dreaming City.” she said. Rick and I looked at each other and back at her. “I’m not walkin that far”. Rick said. “Your gonna have to because you are outvoted. I agree with this plan. We can find Petra Venj or one of her Corsairs and get a signal off through them.” I said. Rick grunted. “Fine. Let’s go. Can we try to find some transportation first though? I still don’t want to have to walk that far.” he said. “Didn’t you tell me the first time we met that Titans persevere through everything Rick?” Olivia said. Rick just mumbled a couple curses, got up, stretched and walked outside. “Shall we?” I said to Olivia. “Yeah let’s get going.”

As we started walking it dawned on me that The Spider would have his men coming after us, even other guardians if he told the Tower the right things. I raised my concerns with Rick and Olivia and they just shrugged it off. “Nothin we haven’t dealt with before” Rick said. “What he said” Olivia said. We walked all the way to Trapper’s Cave where we saw a Cabal Goliath Tank parked off to the side. Rick looked at it and said “Ok. This HAS to be a trap.” “I don’t know. Nobodys around for miles” Olivia said. “Let’s check it out.” I said. I climbed in the tank and started flipping levers. It made a sound like a whoopee cushion with a hole in it and rose a few feet off the ground. “Seems to be fine. Well Rick, you did say you didn’t want to walk all the way to the city.” I said. “Oh shut up” He responded. He and Olivia climbed in. Olivia got in the gunners seat and Rick sat next to me in the driver’s cabin. “We got a long ass way to go. You sure we can make it without The Spider fuckin with us?” He said. “I think we’ll be fine”. I said. We drove for about another 10 minutes before Olivia started yelling about incoming Cabal ships. “Rick, how well can you impersonate a Cabal if they try to contact us?” I asked. “I could probably keep it up for about 2 or 3 minutes before they realize the bullshit.” he said. “Okay we’re fucked.” I said. “Language”. I gave him a dirty look. “Hey, don’t give it out if you can’t take it.” he said. “You went too far with it yesterday. You said somethings that would have made sailors faint.” I said. “Will you two please shut up? Honestly it’s hard to think that you two are friends half the time.” Olivia said. “What can we say? We’re Titans.” I said. “Shut up” she said. Luckily the Cabal ships didn’t try to call us instead they just dropped off some troops nearby and left. We kept going up until we go to Sorik’s Cut. That was when The Spider’s men found us. They blew up our tank. After our Ghosts resurrected us the three of us started firing back.

Rick whipped his shield out and started chucking it around and hitting people with it while Olivia and I stood back and picked off the stragglers. Eventually, the leader of the group came out. A Fallen captain that was probably 2 times taller than I was. Rick’s shield had worn off by then so he ran back to us while shooting at the captain. I pulled out my rocket launcher and launched a round into the captain. He stumbled and fell over but got back up. Olivia then pulled out her sniper rifle and plugged the captain three times in the chest. That was when it finally keeled over and died. From there we kept walking until we got to an area that looked like a racetrack from hell (I’m sure the location has a name but I don’t remember what and honestly I don’t care). From there we could see The Dreaming City. Rick grunted. “How much farther is this damn city?” “I would say we got about another 25 miles.” Olivia said. “Well, at least I’ll get my workout in.” Rick said. That earned a weak chuckle from Olivia as we kept walking.

Eventually we ran into some Fallen scavengers who were running a glimmer drill. “Well, should we stop them?” Rick asked. “We probably should. We can take their Skiff to get to the city.” I said. “Alright then (cocks gun) Let’s go.” he said. Rick jumped up on a ridge with his sniper while I ran in with my Maul and Olivia started chopping them up with her sword. “Olivia, Get up the lift kill the pilots.” I said. “Alright I’m going up”. She jumped up the lift into the Fallen Skiff and I heard gunfire over the comms. “Ship is clear, lights are green across the board. Or blue, but she’s good to go. I think”. She said. “Alright, Rick get down here time to move.” I said. “Yeah yeah I’m coming.” He and I jumped up the lift and into the Skiff. Olivia pulled away from the drill and started flying the Skiff towards the City. “We’re about 5 minutes from the City. Still can’t get through the comm jamming. The Spider might be jamming the whole shore in which case we are gonna have to find a space worthy ship.” she said. “Petra should have one for us, besides The Spider can only block our comms. The Awoken probably have tech capable of breaking through.” I said. “Fair poi-”. She was cut off by the sound of a Fallen Walker launching a round into the Skiff. Olivia screamed from the cockpit “SHE’S GOING DOWN! HOLD ONTO SOMETHING!” As the ship hit the ground another shell hit us throwing all three of us out of the Skiff. The Skiff went another 50 meters before it hit the ground. While the three of us were thrown into the air and hit the ground hard. Rick landed wrong on his head and his ghost had to resurrect him, Olivia smashed her shoulder into the ground and lay there for another 30 seconds while her ghost patched her up. Want to know where I landed? Right on top of her. Of all the places I could have landed, I landed right on top of Olivia. That shattered both our rib cages and gave her a concussion and me a compound fracture in my thigh. When our ghosts were done patching us up I helped her up and we went over to Rick. He saw us coming and yelled “What the FUCK was that?!” “I think it was a Fallen Walker.” Olivia said. We then saw the walker and a swarm of Fallen headed towards us. “Wait a minute. Are those The Spider’s men?” Rick asked. “I think so yeah” I said. “We should run.” Olivia said. “Yeah”.

We started running towards the city and we came up upon a stretch of rocks almost like a bridge that led to the foot of the entrance tower to The Dreaming City. It was there that we saw The Spider standing there. The three of us stopped when we saw him. That was when he launched into his monologue. “You fools. Did you think you could escape me so easily? ESPECIALLY through the City? Queen Mara Sov of The Awoken people PAID me to keep it safe. I have sensors all over the damn place and you thought you could escape through it?” “Yeah that was our intention.” Rick said. The Spider gave a low chuckle. “Human sarcasm is so… brainless. Your little escapade ends here.” Olivia whipped a grenade launcher out, fired two grenades at his guards, yelled “Is that so? Well SCREW YOU!” I whipped out my Maul and started whacking my way through the stragglers while making my way towards the tower with Olivia and Rick close behind me. Rick had pulled out an old hand cannon (He’s had it since he was resurrected. It’s probably jammed more times than I can count but he insists on keeping because it’s his “Lucky Hand Cannon”) and started plugging the Fallen almost as fast as they appeared.

Despite their best efforts we made it to the tower and sprinted inside with The Spider’s men close behind. Olivia started shouting “There shouldn’t be anyone in here so we should be in the clear.” Worst. Assumption. Ever. We heard a voice in front of us “Shouldn’t be anyone here? Well I guess I’m here illegally.” The figure the voice belonged to stepped out of the shadows and showed itself as Petra Venj. I saw her and was instantly relieved. “Petra, Thank god! We need your help The Spider’s trying to kill us!” “I know” she said, and that’s the last thing I remember.


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