Destiny Insignia

Has there been any references as to what it is or represents? I have read over a lot of lore and am having trouble piecing a solid theory as to what it is exactly. Its simplistic and rounded design is fitting enough, but why?!?! I sometimes I think its a person with their arms raised to the sky but i doubt that’s it. Id love to hear what the community thinks or knows on the matter.

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This is just a theory but it could represent the 3 classes (the 3 prongs) and the Traveler (the oval).


If you look up “Tricorn symbol meaning” there are multiple articles on the destiny logo and its significance. I think because of the central “threes” in the game, Three classes, three races, three elements, that the logo has three prongs. Bungie also uses the “Seventh column” in its games, and it looks very similar to the tricorn (prongs with a central shape)


That’s what I got from it too. I know the Speaker wears the insignia but I don’t know if there is any lore on it.