Destiny lore inconsistencies? (c-post from r/DTG & DL)

This thread brought it to my attention that Destiny has underwent many changes and retcons since its release. So I want to know to know if there are any more inconsistencies like the one I linked here that may be out there, still.

tl;dr – Skorri was supposedly a survivor and apart from the Iron Banner (in TTK) but then ROI came out and stated she died instead and Efrideet lived, an inconsistency in the lore.


Interesting, maybe we’ll see more inconsistencies as Destiny continues its lifespan?

I don’t know if this would be a lore inconsistency, but here is mine:
Saladin was the mentor of both Shaxx and Zavala. However, from the Destiny 2 Zavala Trailer, Saladin never gets mentioned. Any thoughts about that?

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well saladin is never promptly mentioned you get a couple glimpses of him in the trailer. Probably not what you’re looking for but they at least made the effort to put him into it.

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