Destiny RP Discord Server


Correct me if I am wrong on the topic (sorry I am new) -but me and a friend recently made a Destiny RP that I wish was bigger because I have plans for it that won’t be very viable with three active members. And would really just like to see what happens. Since I am sending this at school I can’t provide the link yet so if you are interested I can shoot you the invite later on and provide the “lore” (basically just where we are and how this works) in the comments. Most likely around 4-4:30 pm (it’s 10 am as I post this) is when I can give you a invite.


I dont really RP mate, Ive made a my personalized destiny characters lore, thats about it, speaking about discords you should join the Ishtar collectives, fun place


UM, YES PLEASE! I’ve been itching to write a bit in the third person.


Would this be just a basic text RP, or would be using an RPG System? (I.E D20, if so, I know a certain group making some Destiny RPG stuff. DnDestiny.)


Basic text but I have heard that some people use dice to determine how powerful their next attack will be. In any case, sorry that I forgot about this guys!


have a link i could use to join?


Once again, sorry! No, not at the moment…


It’s nice to see that I am getting some (possible) permanent members and that it’s well received so far. I have plans for a loot system that would make it more like an RPG with dice involved but that’s one component that hasn’t been implemented yet @Aaetheon


Alright here ye go boys (and girls)


Ive had a change of heart, I have too much time and too little to do, also i have just the thing if you want to make your server into a game of sorts, message me if you want to hear more


Hmmm… intriguing. Since I am at school I currently cannot message you but I can talk with you on here…


Used to be part of an RP guild on Guild Wars years ago. Memories of doing that are what got me into writing Destiny fanfiction. If it was something somewhat slow moving, emails back and forth and such, I could maybe get involved a little bit. If it is fairly fast paced or live conversations, I don’t really have the time.


Yes, please. I need to scratch that D&D itch I’ve been experiencing lately (only got into it recently, and I really need more ideas for the stories I write).


Feel free to join! I love finding new members and @jsm1978 it is pretty fast paced and live action but you can give it a try, I am not telling you that you should but I’d love to see more members.


I’m interested. Hit me up!


There should be an invite somewhere up top… I’ll give you the roles and such once I get home or you can ask one of the Admins/Mods on rn.