Destiny's Main Logo is the Y-Goblet & How it's chemical cocktails reveal everything (The OXA Machine + Way Way More) (Ultra Extreme Deep Lore)

Since I’m still kind new here on Ishtar Collective. I have been a part of the r/DestinyLore subreddit for awhile and I wanted to post the most prolific thing I ever pieced together so everyone here could see it, read it and possible give some input. Big warning there is massive revelations in my huge post from Reddit.

It’s in 3 parts, with the links below:


Great stuff, this deep dive is fantastic.

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When I read the title for the first time I though it was a joke (because it’s so long an descriptive) but then I read the posts. Great job there!

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There are not many that can see the stories behind the story, the coded messages that lead to the truth.

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In part 1, I do not see the connection between the Aphelions and Nihonium. Where did you get that?

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I read through the posts and I have some feedback.

You have made many connections between scientific principles and phenomena and the events and phenomena in the Destiny Universe. However, few to none have any evidence that support the claims. The “clues” and “hints” you provide do not seem to completely explain what we observe in-game and what little they do can be attributed to mere coincidence at best. I would love to see something like this done with more attention to evidence for each claim. If you like, I can DM you the claims I find particularly problematic and what I would suggest for their improvement.

That aside, you obviously put in a great deal of work with these posts and that is something to be commended.

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Just heads up, I was just able to read the AeroChina/Clovis Bray Lunar Handbook that’s comes with the Shaowkeep Collector’s Edition this morning. Not too toot my own horn, but everything I discovered in this three part series. Was all pretty much completely true. When everyone gets chance or the nice people at Ishtar Collective transcribe the full handbook from Shadowkeep you’ll see what I mean. My discoveries and investigations will a must read considering how extremely detailed the science, chemical and biological syntax and technologies that are explained in the new story from the Shadowkeep Collector’s Edition handbook.

Serious shit is about to go down.

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