DId Osiris need to be exiled?

Ok so i would like to hear from everyone else. Would Osiris leaving the tower be a good or a bad thing. do you think Osiris would have done a better job than ikora? and (a side topic) do you think dead orbit could have stopped the cabal attack? i wanna hear what you guys have to say i love feed back :slight_smile:

Well heres what I think.

Osiris is a valuable member of the tower, and should not be shunned, but shouldn’t be worshipped like he used to be.

Also, if we kicked him out of the tower, he would try to do “hero” things again, and get himself killed without Sagira.

Dead Orbit may have, and could have destroyed the Cabal, but they are one of the three factions of D1, and I would believe a combined defense would have worked better.

After 4 days someone comes up with a really good reply. Thank you for your feed back and i also agree to disagree.New Monarch hates FWC and the FWC hates (or strongly disagrees with) New Monarch. dead orbit is kinda out there you know. space was kinda there thing and i feel like them alone could have stopped ghaul. but maybe im wrong if you or anyone else has something to counter my clam, im all ears

Ghaul’s first move was to disarm the scanners. Now Dead Orbit had scouts that were probably on patrol, as normal, so they were probably also taken out quietly and efficiently. The rest of the tower was on edge but not on alert. Zavala wanted to keep things calm. Now they first attacked the Tower, and destroyed it, causing many casualties.

Once that was done they began their attack on the Traveler. You saw the intense gunfire around Holliday as she tried to pick us up right? That, I believe are the factions and the Vanguard trying to help the Guardian make it to “put a bullet in Ghaul’s head” as Cayde would state it. Therefore the factions put in effort, and were unable to do anything to the Red Legion’s might. They were crushed under Ghaul’s boot. If Dead Orbit tried to do this solo, they would have failed easily.

Now in Destiny 1, when we attack the Dreadnaught at some point, Zavala says he has the Dead Orbit Fleet on standby. So we can tell there was a strong amount of ships in their fleet, so maybe they could’ve put a dent in the Red Legion if we attacked them. Since we were being attacked by Ghaul, and it was a sneak attack, they were caught by surprise and couldn’t put forth their true strength. Also, the factions heavily relied on the Guardians to be their influence both literally and figuratively. Without the Guardians, the factions kind of crumbled, and the Dead Orbit fleet was probably wiped out in the Red War.

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im on evvvverrrrryyyy day. also yet again thank you for the reply

I would comment but I don’t know much about Osiris’ story beyond the bare bones basics so eh

if you read my (his) cards you will maybe see what i see