Did we get info on D2 during the Age of Triumph?

I was back on D1 the other day looking at my old emblems when I noticed the “Comet’s Heart” emblem. It stood out a little at the time due to there not being a comet or mention of one. With rumors of the big September update featuring a comet, it got me curious. The other emblems in the Age of Triumph record book seemed to have some teases of what was to come for us Guardians.

For reference:

First you gain the “Traveler’s Eclipse” emblem teasing the Traveler losing its light.

Second is the “Citywatch” emblem. We are back to the job of guarding the renovated city. Emblem features our new tower shape, not the one from D1.

Third emblem is “Comet’s Heart” featuring the rumored September update.

Fourth we have the “Logical Conclusion,” featuring a cog or mechanical iris. Possibly Vex related or a new threat.

Last we have “All in All” feature a shield / crest with multiple symbols.

Not sure what to make of it all. Thought it was pretty interesting and thought I’d share.

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“Comet” is the term that was originally used for Destiny’s “big” expansions, such as TTK. From Destinypedia:

Comets were planned expansion packs for the Destiny franchise. They were intended to bridge the gaps between the releases of the main installments of the series, and would have included more substantial content than a normal expansion. Comets were expected to be released in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021.[1][2]

It’s unlikely that the title of DLC 3 is “Comet;” instead, that’s a code-name for large expansions (including TTK itself).

“Citywatch” is a revamped version of the emblem “From Here, The Stars,” which was released in Y2. The Tower has always been shaped pretty oddly, though the closest thing we have to a full picture of it is from a D1 cutscene.

Of course, AOT did have several references to the coming D2 storyline, notably in the grimoire that was released during the event- Sloane, Asher, Nessus, Io, and Eris’ disappearance were all alluded to. There’s the possibility that some of this foreshadowing extended into a few of the emblems.


That makes sense
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