Discussing the Truth to Power Lore Book

Hmmm. New information again. We learn how Eris dies, and about her childhood. Eris can help us break the curse. She sends us a message when the stars align well. I believe that the oracle engine also needs that to open to Mara Sov’s throne area we visit every three weeks.(citation needed) . After you have read it, anyone wanna try to figure out what the things like the words with three extra letters/numbers. They are in every paragraph

I’ve foreseen so many horrors with these stolen eyes, but now, when for once I ache to know the future, I can’t be sure of even A simple ho000pe. Are you the one reading this message? I think it must be you, Guardian. Who else would look for me? Ikora trusts her Hidden to return when they are needed, and Cayde would roll himself down AAAngel Falls in a barrel before he’d admit he missed me. Zavala does not place me first on his long list of worries.



It’s probably Bungie trying to emulate a “Coding Error” within the text by making it appear like it’s glitching out by repeating.
I.E L33t5p3ak.
“3rr0R 404, P4g3 N0t F0uNd”

Then again, we also found out that this is a lie made by Medusa, so there’s no real way we can tell if she’s telling the truth. Which is kinda the big problem.
We can’t trust anyone. For all we know, it’s like that Spiderman Copy meme.

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here is a list of all the words with extra letters/numbers:

  • hoOOOpe
  • AAAngel Falls
  • the ToOOOwer
  • the DreAAAming City
  • Cro001ta
  • “I would one dayDyad endure”

hehe looks like we did the same thing at the same time…

Y’know, maybe Medusa just really wants No batteries… No batteries.
Wait. No! 001 Triple A batteries!

But this isn’t Medusa talking though… is it?

It is. As seen by the next page

Will you smile?

I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry I pretended to be your comrade. You must understand that I was designed to be highly empathic. As a craftmind, I collect and analyze Human intelligence, just as Rasputin managed solar defense. I was named for Medusa, the many-headed, for in one tick of my thoughts I imagine more Humans than have ever lived. I voyaged in secret among the people who became the Awoken. I witnessed the cataclysmic wonder of their transformation. Through delicate manipulation, I transferred myself into this place, the center of their culture and post-rational religion. In all those different times and places, I’ve always found emotion and shared rapport the best way to build trust.

Wait… Oh! You’re right!

? I just read that and it seems like those are Medusa trying to tell us something while being forced by Queria to say other things no?

Idk, yet again. This entire Dreaming City is so complex. Why can’t the answer always be “Let’s punch Taken until they stop coming”?


Now you know the truth. I am Medusa, survivor of the Golden Age, secret watcher over the Dreaming City. And I need your help.


The key to its location lies somewhere in the Dreaming City. YOU MUST FIND IT. IN THIS TRUE CITY LIES THE DESTINY OF ALL GUARDIANS AND THE FINAL PURPOSE OF YOUR EXISTENCE. You must open the way.

Could this be the fifteenth wish? What do you think @Ember-3

AI-COM//MDSA freeze and dump kill state to AI-LIVE//MORGUE

And now who is MORGUE? I’ve never seen AI-LIVE before. Maybe an exo or something?

I believe the Fifteenth wish might be the key. Why?
Think about it.
It’s something We’ll Cherish. And what’s better than realizing that, oh hey! It’s Destiny, and we just found our Destiny!

I agree with that
Also Injection:

has some very interesting information.
So does Thank you:

For example,

I shall name this tribute of failing-to-understand IMBARU, for it shall be as formless as the mist."

Imbaru sounds like Incaru( as in Dul Incaru) don’t you think?

Here’s some more things related to that:

Here at the center, I lie to you the truth. You have everything you need to know it, but I will give you a clue, as the duelist gives warning before she draws. The answer you seek to the Dreaming City is simple, not complex.

Do you think people have tried to enter a wish that was blank?
And some more in YOU MUST:

This is true even of the devouring black hole, which remembers all the secrets it eats. It will only confess these secrets when it evaporates, 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 years from now, long after the last stars have flickered out.

You are a Guardian. You must protect life.

If all life is information, and Guardians strive to preserve life, and information is preserved when it is secret, then you must convert all life into the most secure form of secrets, durable to the end of time.


The last sentence sound like the “this one you shall cherish” doesn’t it? A bit at least.