Do guardians use the sword logic

So the sword logic is something associated with the Darkness because the hive use so much. As I have come to understand the sword logic is the principle that if you kill something you gain its power.

As we kill things we gain exp, if we have enough exp we level up and get stronger. Well what if that exp we gain is power from the sword logic. If this is true then it Brings us one step closer to being the Light version of the hive.

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In the Vault of Glass, the power we use to defeat Atheon is “Guardians make their own fate.” Since our power is oaracausal, or being able to bend the law of the universe, then we have a superior power to the Sword Logic. We did kill Crota using it, but it was because he formed his Throne World around the concept. It was the only way to kill him in there. I have always thought of paracausal power was separate from the Sword Logic.


The Sword Logic is like a philosophy made manifest by paracausal power, specifically that of the Hive. Guardian Light is different - perhaps opposing, but not equivalent.

We’ve been down this winding path before, but I would hesitate to base a theory around the experience and super energy systems, seeing as these are game mechanics typical of shooters rather than story-driven lore.


Guardians do make their own fate. The Paradox mission was us changing the date of the Vex by clearing the Vault of the Taken. It was the one thing that ended them Everytime.

Yep :slightly_smiling_face: Wasn’t disagreeing with that.