Do we have transcripts for the Leviathan and Eater of Worlds?

The Raids in D2 where one-of-a-kind because they actually had voice lines spoken by the main boss. These words could have some real lore applications so i think it would be important to put them in. I would make the post myself but i don’t raid much and Calus has more than one different voice line for each encounter and i don’t rememeber them all nor do i have footage of me doing the raid for the video.

No I don’t believe transcripts for the raid or the raid lair have been done yet. I’ve got a few clips but I haven’t had a chance to upload them. I’ll put up a post when I have a chance tomorrow.

There is currently a post here started by @HipNuts:

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Since the Eater of Worlds Raid is a bit of choose your own adventure type, would it make sense to see if the dialog changes based on the order in which the encounters are completed to see if there are any subtle changes?

Thanks Baxter! I forgot to check if there was already a post up for it, too tired yesterday apparently :sweat_smile: I’ll add the clips I’ve got when I have a chance.