Does Rasputin control a forge?

In the Sleeper Simulant Grimoire Card the name Dvalin Forge pops up.

I am calling VOLUSPA and extracting subroutine DVALIN FORGE, to be modified and recompiled to comport to MIDNIGHT EXIGENT parameters.

I am inserting the modified DVALIN FORGE-2 into IKELOS and compiling for immediate implementation.

This text makes it sounds like Rasputin made the IKELOS weapons with a forge.
I’m not sure if this forge is related to Black Armory or if Rasputin has created his own forge, as I have barely played Destiny after the Black Armory update.

VOLUSPA is a reference to Voluspå in Norwegian which is a poem about “volven” - a fortuneteller. She shares her visions about the humanity before, during and after Ragnarok.

DVALIN is a reference to a dwarf named Dvalinn in norse mythology. Dvalinn was captured and enslaved to make a powerfull sword - Tyrfing.

Tyrfing - A magical and powerfull sword made with a golden handle, the sword shined bright like fire and would never rust with time. It could pierce stone and steel just as is easy as it would be clothes.

DVALIN - Dvalinn; Sounds like “dvale” in Norwegian which means “rest, hibernation, sleep”

I thought that the Black Armory was created without RASPUTIN? Like, it was a bunch of people who thought RASPUTIN wasn’t enough, so they created the Black Armory?

I haven’t got to read up on Black Armory lore yet so I don’t know the history about the makers/making of the Forges.
But knowing that Raspy is a Warmind who possess the brainjuice to do some heavy maths; I would think that he could create his own Forge if it would be in a strategic position for him.
It wouldn’t be the first time he helps Guardians with firepower.

It sounds to me in the text that he has control over DVALIN FORGE, then modifies it so it will fit with IKELOS weapons.

How he has obtained a forge is uknown., but I would guess that he either could build one or locate and extract a forge if he had found one. It would still require him to find the Forges valuable as an asset to use, or to keep away from enemies.

Well, we’re just gonna have to find out where it is. I could totally use some IKELOS armor. Imagine if it’s like the SIVA armor, but better. (I know about the Escalation set, but that set is kinda boring imo.)

The Dvalin Forge stuff was the Sleeper Simulant and the weaponry of the Warmind. No connection to the Black Armory

DVALIN FORGE—a plan to produce weapons to arm human forces in the event of a CARRHAE emergency. DVALIN FORGE weaponry proved ineffective against the Darkness.
DVALIN FORGE-2—a modification of the original DVALIN FORGE subroutine designed to be compatible with MIDNIGHT EXIGENT
MIDNIGHT EXIGENT—a long-term counterattack protocol and moral structure change. All Warminds enter a period of extended deactivation in an effort to survive and later devise a countermeasure for an overwhelming threat. The protocol seemingly allows the Warminds to ignore their responsibility to protect human populations in favor of taking any measures deemed necessary to ensure their own survival. As of the Guardian slaying Xol, Will of the Thousands.

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Thought so. Alright, thanks for clearing it up!

Thank you VulshokBersrkee.
Do you happen to know of a place that describes the different codenames Rasputin are using?