Don't worry Mr. Warlock, your conscience is clear

Perhaps I just missed this but I noticed recently that we got a little bit of closure on a story in the Grimoire.

Much has been made of the card: Ghost Fragment: Warlock. It has often referenced when discussing the potential powers of the Ahamkara and the dangers associated with using gear associated with them. The surprise and guilt the Warlock expresses at the end suggests that Guardians are not in total control of their faculties when carrying Ahamkara trinkets or presumably after making a deal with one.

That may still be the case but I found some good news when I got this little gem from a Strike the other night. It appears Mr. Warlock can rest easy because Ms. Hunter appears to have successfully killed an Ahamkara and taken a scale as her prize. Congrats! Now be careful with that scale Ms. Hunter, there’s no telling what it’ll make you do…

On a more serious note, I think this gives us a little context into the timing of Ghost Fragment: Warlock. I always thought this card must’ve taken place after the Great Hunt because of the line: “You could never have brought down one of these…” (emphasis mine). The use of the modal verb suggested that the ability to kill an Ahamkara was in the past and is no longer possible. However, the fact that Ms. Hunter actually found and killed an Ahamkara now suggests to me that this would have taken place during or before the Great Hunt. Perhaps it took place during the hunt, but near the end which would help explain both the past tense but also the ability of the Hunter to find a big, bad dragon to slay.


These little story gems are some of my favorite things about Destiny lore. They don’t necessarily have a major impact on the story, but when you discover one it feels SO AWESOME
I just love them. I’m glad other people do too!!


I totally agree. This little gem made me more excited to get a random blue engram than a sweet exotic weapon.


Same here. It’s always so satisfying to find those blue artifacts and class items that included little bits of lore or other things. Like the cloaks with the Pahanin quips, or just those artifacts that are interesting on their own.


Yeah, when I discovered this I started beaming! It was a great suprise!

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