Dov Veren: Deve codex: Dreamer

Deve Codex: 2
The Dreamer walked across the Astral plane, a Macrocosm of Marvels. A place where all were connected in a single dream and yet they only saw pieces of its true form. Pieces that were apart of something bigger, more grand than they could imagine.

she wished to have children, little ones that would roam reality. Thus the Outer God Ala formed around her. With deep and booming power she spoke, her words ripped and tore at every layer.

"I sense you wish to Dream ô daughter. "

"Indeed Great Phantasm, bearer of all life and death. You are the maker of pain but you are also the giver of love. " The Dreamers words were true.

“Dream then, My child.” Without notice the Dreamer fell through the Astral plane. Deep within the dreaming, Rooted in the heart of Ala.

She dreamt of her children to be, her thoughts pouring into reality. Creating a black hole, on the world they would call home. When the Dreamer awakened, the singularity collapsed giving birth to them. They stood in their home, naked and not knowing their place in the Great Beyond. They would have skin of different colors, but all had similar Marks on their face. Marks that glowed of magic. Their eyes opened and they named themselves the Deve. Which means Born of Dreams.

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